Preparing your workplace for a hurricane

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In light of Hurricane season bearing down on the US, we’ve come up with a few recommendations and some helpful links to get your office ready in case a hurricane should threaten the area where you work.

Recommendations to follow when preparing your workplace for hurricane preparedness:

1. Make multiple backups of critical computer data and store them off premises. Keep checks, purchase orders, financial records, property and vehicle titles off the premises as well.
2. Unplug and wrap all electronics in plastic and store in high and dry places.
3. Have a communications plan in place and make sure all employees’ emergency contact information is current.
4. Take “before” and “after” pictures to aid in any insurance claims.
5. Allow employees adequate time to prepare for the approaching storm.



Helpful Links has a 5 step preparedness program for your business
FEMA: Plan & Prepare provides tips and examples of steps you can take to prepare your business
Family Emergency Communication plan
Supply Check List


Our thoughts and prayers are with all who have been or will be affected by Hurricane Matthew. Please remember Safety First!!