Website Translation Services

Does your business need a website that appeals to and communicates with more than one language and culture? Are you looking to reach out to potential clients in two, three, or more languages? If so, we’re here to help with our Website Translation Services.

In a day and age where cultures work more closely together than ever before, make sure your website positions you in the correct light before your competition does with our website translation services.

Website Translation Services Are Available

From the design and development phase of a site to the translation of an already existing website, Lighthouse Translations has you fully covered.

Some of our Website Translation Services Are:

Content, Format, Icon, Text, Multimedia, Audio/Video & Image Translation
Time, Date & Currency Conversion
Page Layout Reversal
Contact Information Adaptation
Removal of Culturally Inappropriate Icons & Images
Link Verification & Adjustment to Language-Appropriate Content
Website Testing & Troubleshooting for Character Encoding & Browser Compatibility
Search Engine Submittal
In-house Web Development & Engineering Services
Multi-lingual Website Content Support
Cultural Consulting
Translation, Editing and Proofreading
Detailed Project Planning, Management & Quality Assurance

How Does It All Start?

We welcome you to reach out to us using the Contact Us form on this page, or, feel free to click the button on this page for a FREE price quote. We’re confident once we’ve communicated with you that you will experience a comfort level with our website translation services.