4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Diet at the Office

4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Diet at the Office

In Blog by Rafael Morel

There are a lot of challenges that anyone trying to stick to their diet faces. I’m looking at you – Honey Glazed Ham. The workplace is filled with temptations to break your diet, such as the urge to snack, holiday parties with cake and ice cream, or hour-long lunch breaks at the restaurant down the street. If this is a potential problem for you, the team here at Lighthouse Translations have a few tips to help you stay true to your diet.

Strength in Numbers

The best thing you can do to stick to your diet at work is find others in your office who are also dieting and form a group, even if you can only find one other person to team up with you. People at the gym have a spotter to keep them motivated, and you and your co-workers can do the same thing when it comes to dieting. Having people around you who are also dieting can help you stay motivated to stick to your diet, as you can provide encouragement for one another. The group can eat together, finding strength in numbers to resist poor food choices, and they can also come up with games or incentives as an additional means of support.

Brown Bag Party Meal

When staying true to your diet at work, it’s imperative that you bring your lunch from home and not plan on going out. Even if your plan is to pick up something healthy at a sub shop or grocery store, you may be tempted to go to a restaurant and eat some not-so-healthy food if your non-dieting co-workers give you an invitation to join them. However, it’ll be easier to say no if you brought your lunch in a brown bag that’s chilling in the fridge in the break room, and obviously the lunch you pack for yourself will be healthier than anything you would get outside the office.

Snack Right

The same logic applies to snacks and coffee; always bring them from home. Bring fruit, yogurt, or nuts to snack on while at work instead of venturing to the vending machine and buying chips or cookies, or even worse, eating cake and ice cream while the whole office gathers in the afternoon to celebrate someone’s birthday. You should also stop grabbing a coffee to go on your way to work or picking one up for an afternoon pick-me-up. Mochas, lattes, and other fancy coffees are loaded with calories, so make coffee at home and bring it with you or try drinking caffeinated tea if you need a boost to make it through the workday.

Stay Motivated

Finally, always keep something near your desk or workstation that can act as a friendly reminder to stick to your diet. This could be a picture, an inspirational quote, or simply the word “diet” in big, bold letters. Whatever it takes to remind you that being at work is not an excuse to ignore your diet, do it, because if you decide to go on a diet, you should stick to it 100% of the time.

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