Our Clients

Our Customer Philosophy

As an industry leading translation and interpretation service provider our company has been privileged to work with corporations and organizations around the globe. The breadth of our services, as well and our unrivaled focus on customer service and satisfaction, allows us to provide countless solutions to those we call our “client partners.”

Each and every time we work with a new individual, company, or organization we pride ourselves in knowing that the relationship is not just about that one project or event, but that it’s the beginning of a long-standing and fulfilling relationship for years to come. Our repeat business rates are confirmation of this success.

Become a Client

When the need arises for assistance with your interpretation and translation needs, we ask that you allow us to show you what we’ve shown all of our other clients… that there’s no other place to get the expertise, customer service, and peace of mind that comes with partnering with Lighthouse Translations.

To begin the process of becoming a client, simply contact us or ask us for a FREE price quote, and we’ll be in touch shortly!