The Benefits of Translation Equipment Rental

The Benefits of Translation Equipment Rental

In Blog by Rafael Morel

You want your business to grow and thrive, right? But, you feel like you’re stuck with limitations – financial, people, resources and capabilities that were, until recently, only available to the Fortune 500 companies.

Well, we’ve got some good news – the business environment in changing so rapidly that what was possible only for ultra-large companies yesterday is now here for every business – small and big.

Allow me to elaborate…

A few years ago my sister-in-law had found a ground-breaking laptop cover that protected the hardware from water spills, dust and general wear. It was amazing. I literally spilled my coffee over it to test it and it was all good! She wanted to start a business importing it from China.

It didn’t work. Why? Because she and the Chinese partners could never understand and communicate with each other effectively. They both tried translators and email but it was never enough. In the end, both sides decided to drop the deal because the stress it was causing just wasn’t worth it.

Translation Equipment and Missed Opportunities

The story you just read is true and isn’t an isolated case. Many small businesses and startups have great ideas, products and resources they can’t exploit because of similar misunderstandings and limitations.

For a company with an English language background it might sound surprising that someone with a product or service worth exploring won’t have perfect English language skills, but let’s face the reality – according to Wikipedia only 1 billion people speak English. In comparison, 1.2 billion speak standard Chinese. So the odds are that your international business partners speak Chinese rather than English. Can you afford to limit your business to only the English-speaking world?

Once you understand this, the next mental hurdle to overcome is your belief that professional translation services are too expensive and cost-prohibitive. Well, there’s a simple solution to this perceived problem…  translation equipment rental

The Benefits Of Translation Equipment Rental

You know your budget for marketing and operations. You’ve assigned cost benchmarks for developing your production and supply chains, but there’s no room to overcome language barriers, right? Wrong. The investment for translation equipment rental is the solution.

Renting your translation equipment as needed is a cost-effective method of communicating with partners from different language background and growing your business. More and more small and medium businesses are exploring and enjoying this option every day.

For example, if you would like to present an offer to a new potential client or partner overseas you will find it’s cheaper to rent equipment than to hire a translator. In addition, you don’t need to worry about personal bias or the experience of the translator.

Pro Tip: Make sure the company that rents you the equipment offers solutions to fit different business needs. In this way you aren’t going to pay for more than you need and you can be certain that the rented translation equipment will work in your business setting.


When the time comes to make a decision to on translation equipment rental, we hope you find this information useful and that we’ve shed some light on a more cost-effective way to conduct business and communications abroad.

Don’t allow language and cultural barriers kill an opportunity before it’s truly had a chance to succeed. Allow us to help get the ball moving. Contact us today for more information, OR, simply allow us to give you a FREE price quote. You’ve got nothing to lose, except for the opportunity costs of doing nothing.