Travel like a Pro this Holiday Season

In Blog by Rafael Morel

One part of the holiday season that most people look forward to the least is traveling. For many of us, spending the holidays with friends and relatives that live far away means getting on a plane, and during the holiday season airports are always crowded creating a great deal of unnecessary stress. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. We, at Lighthouse Translations,  know that with just a few adjustments to your travel routine, you can become a savvy air traveler and beat the crowds that swamp airports during the holiday season.

Arrive Early

This one should be obvious; it’s always best to arrive at the airport as soon as possible. Whatever the recommended time is for arriving at your point of departure, get there even earlier to help stay ahead of the crowds. Even if you can’t avoid the long lines, getting to the airport early will help you avoid the stress that comes with thinking you’re going to miss your flight while waiting to get through security. If you arrive at the airport too early, the only thing that will happen is you’ll be sitting in the terminal a while, but you can spend that time relaxing, reading a book, enjoying yourself at the airport bar or browsing through souvenir shops.

Print Out Airport Maps

This is a rather unique idea, but it may be worth a try. You should know ahead of time what airports you’ll be visiting, so print out a map of each of them and study the layout of each one. This will have you prepared in case something unexpected happens, like a flight delay or a last-minute gate change. Being prepared for the unexpected so that nothing ever takes you by surprise, makes traveling much more pleasant. By learning the layout of each airport, you’ll know where the terminals, baggage claim, and the food court are all located. While other people are getting lost or asking for directions, you’ll know exactly where you’re going in every airport, allowing you to stay ahead of the crowds.

Carry On Whenever Possible

If you’re only going away for a few days, you should be able to fit everything you need into a bag small enough to be a carry on. This will save you a ton of time both checking in at the airport and after you land at your final destination, as you’ll be able to bypass many of the large crowds and long lines that make air travel frustrating. Even if you can’t carry on, try to limit your checked bags by shipping any large presents or any gifts that are already wrapped to your destination ahead of time. Having these items in your bags is bound to hold you up at airport security and add stress to your holiday travel.

Pick the Right Time & Days to Fly

A huge part of beating the crowds is avoiding them, and that can be done by flying at the right times. If you can, book flights either early in the morning or late at night, meaning you’ll get to the airport before the crowds gather or after they’ve started to dissipate. Picking the right day to fly can also help you avoid the crowds. Obviously, airport crowds will be at their peak during weekends and in the two or three days right before a major holiday. Even if you have to take an extra vacation day or two off from work, book flights that will keep you a day or two ahead of the crowds. On top of that, if you can fly either early in the day or late at night, you have a good chance of beating the crowds at the airport this holiday season.

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