Interpretation Services You Will Absolutely Love

In Blog by Rafael Morel

Here at Lighthouse Translations, we take a lot of pride in what we do, and we think that we provide helpful and important services for our clients. We realize that most people don’t look at what we do as all that sexy or interesting, but we disagree with that sentiment. We think that many of the interpretation services firms like ours perform are exciting endeavors, and if you knew more about them, they would really pique your interest. Here are a few interpretation services we think you will absolutely love.

American Sign Language Interpretation

If you’ve been to a concert, comedy club, theatrical performance, poetry reading, or any event that involves public speaking or performing of any kind, you’ve probably noticed a person off to the side of the stage providing sign language for hearing-impaired individuals. This is a wonderful example of the beauty of interpretation. The deaf population in the United States is far larger than most people realize, and so a sign language interpreter at public events and performances has become a necessary part of the show; interpreters allow the hearing impaired to enjoy special occasions the same as everyone else.

Becoming a sign language interpreter takes an incredible amount of skill and practice, but in the end it’s worthwhile because of the service it provides. But more than that, American Sign Language is such a beautiful language, as it involves dynamic and precise hand movements in order to convey the right message. For anyone, including those with perfect hearing, learning a few words of American Sign Language and understanding the effort that goes into signing at a public event or performance will give you a deep appreciation for one of the most important interpretation services.

Sports Interpretation

Sports arenas in the United States are full of players from different parts of the world. Baseball is full of players from Latin America, as well as many from Japan and South Korea. Basketball has a significant amount of players from all across Europe, as does hockey. Soccer is also growing in popularity, leading to professional and collegiate players from all corners of the globe. As a result, interpreters are needed throughout the sports world to help assist players communicate with their coaches, teammates, fans, and the media until they can learn English, which can take many years.

The need for sports interpreters is finally being recognized, as Major League Baseball just mandated that all 30 teams provide translators for Spanish speaking players. Anyone with a love of sports should be aware of the increase in foreign players in all sports and the subsequent need for interpreters. Becoming an interpreter is a great way to get close to the action for anyone interested in pursuing such a career path, and it’s a necessary part of sports in this era, as it ensures that all players have their voice heard.

Hospital Interpretation

This is one of the most important interpretation services. Obviously, hospitals are filled with sick people who are often times scared, and many of them don’t speak English, creating a real need for interpreters who can allow medical professionals to communicate with their patients. Most of the time, hospitals are required to provide these services, creating a huge need for interpreters of all different languages.

The skills necessary to be a hospital interpreter aren’t much different than being an interpreter in any other setting, but the job satisfaction one gets from it is incredibly high. Hospital interpreters are often called into sensitive situations in which communication is of vital importance, sometimes even life-and-death situations. Interpreters can play an important role in helping to calm a distressed patient and assuring them that they’re going to be okay. When everything works out and there’s a happy ending, hospital interpreters can feel happy and satisfied knowing they played a role in the positive outcome.