Lights, camera… Facebook Live!

In Blog by Rafael Morel

By now we can say without hesitation that Social Media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are consolidating themselves as Business Media platforms by becoming the marketing tool of choice in this digital era. Lighthouse Translations knows that as times are ever changing and because of the friendly competition from other gadgets such as Snapchat, Periscope and Merrkat, Facebook has launched another feature that could revolutionize your marketing strategies… or at least your Facebook feed.

If you felt like a great photographer with Instagram and a deep thinking philosopher on Twitter, you may not feel like an Oscar winner director but with Facebook Live you’ll have the creative and business-savvy confidence you need to tell your story your way and connect with your consumers and even attract more followers, all with the same tool, in one experience, in one social media platform.

Even though live streaming has been around for some time now, the massive audience that Facebook gathers will make the technology reach a broader public which translates as a great publicity tool for companies. Instead of sharing YouTube videos, broadcast, edit and share it all at once right there on Facebook.

Starting a live video is easy and the live stream will then appear on the news feeds of all your friends, who’ll be able to watch and comment as you broadcast. You also have the choice of starting live videos visible only to members of certain groups or events.

The aim of the game is to grow your number of followers. When your audience presses on the “Follow” button under your streams, they’ll get a notification next time you go live. That way you start gaining viewership with each live streaming. You should also tell people you’re broadcasting ahead of time so they know to look out for your video. The great thing about live on Facebook is that the video continues to garner views after it’s happened.

This is a great opportunity for businesses to connect more with their consumers on Facebook. Imagine all the cool things you could do: a behind the scenes footage- from offices tours to employee interviews-, share live events such as a conference or a presentation, product demonstrations, “exclusive” looks or company announcements. You can also feed off the commentaries and later conduct a Q&A, interacting live with your followers.

What are you waiting for? Log into the Facebook iOS app or Facebook Android app, connect to your page, and apply to become a verified page and start planning your first live streaming. Make sure to plan ahead, you don’t have to make a script necessarily as it should be fluid and spontaneous but, as with any type of content marketing campaign, the content of the video should be strategic and have a clear purpose. Remember to create expectation for your live streaming broadcasting in advance on your social media platforms.

For more information about Facebook Live you can navigate here: https://live.fb.com/about/ and for tips from the social media giant himself click here: https://live.fb.com/tips/.