5 New Years Resolutions to Improve Your Work Life

In Blog by Rafael Morel

It’s the time of year when all of us at Lighthouse Translations start to think about New Year’s resolutions. Resolutions are personal promises we make to be better. But we thought, why limit resolutions to our personal lives? Why not make New Year’s office resolutions that will help make us better employees and better co-workers. And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing. Here are a few of the resolutions we made. Maybe you should consider making some in your work life next year.

Spend Less Time on Social Media

Spending time on social media at the office is a huge waste of company time and is somewhat disrespectful to your employer. If you haven’t been able to gather the willpower to cut back on your own, then try making it a resolution to help give yourself the push you need. That’s not to say you can’t spend a little time on social media during your lunch break, but most forms of social media revolve around your personal life, so make a resolution to only go on during your personal time and not while you’re at the office.

Apart from having a negative effect on your productivity at work, social media also contribute to stress and anxiety. That’s because we compare our lives with those that we see in our feeds. Unfortunately, our minds don’t fully grasp that those are just small fragments of other people’s lives and that they too experience sadness and pain. If you succeed in reducing the time that you spend on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you’ll find out that apart from having more free time, you’ll also be much happier.

Cut Back on Office Gossip

Do you really need to know everything about the personal lives of your co-workers? I don’t think so. How about making a resolution to stop being so concerned with the latest office gossip? It’s a bit rude to talk about your co-workers behind their back and try to learn their dirty little secrets. It’s also a waste of company time, so make a New Year’s resolution to be less of a gossip around the office.

Become More Organized

Is your desk, calendar, inbox, or any other part of your work life a mess? If so, you’re probably not the only one, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it. Simply make a New Year’s resolution that you’re going to be more organized at the office. It shouldn’t be a difficult task to accomplish; all you’ll have to do is make a commitment to being more organized, and you should have no problem finding a way to make it happen. You’ll find that a more organized work life will make you a more efficient and perhaps even a happier employee.

Learn a New Skill

No matter what your job is, you should always be looking for ways to do it better and more effectively. Thus, make a resolution to learn a new skill. You can take a class in your spare time, try to learn something online, or simply ask a co-worker to show you something. Whatever method you use, learning a new skill can help make you a better employee and may even invigorate your passion for your job and make you want to improve at your chosen trade. At Lighthouse Translations, our employees always try to learn new skills and keep up to date with the latest technologies so that we can always give our customers the best service possible.

Be a Little Nicer

Not to imply that you’re not already a nice person, but it won’t hurt to make a resolution to be friendlier to the other people in your office. Make a pledge to not complain about things as often or criticize your co-workers if they make a mistake. Make a resolution to be nice to your co-workers and treat all of them as if they were your close friends. If you make an effort to be pleasant to others, you’ll help create a more enjoyable work environment, which is something that will benefit everyone at the office.


New Year’s resolutions are often overambitious and hardly achievable, which is why we often fail to meet our high standards. As such, it’s best to choose smaller things that might not have as big of an impact but which we’ll be more likely to keep. We hope that this year, you’ll find inner perseverance to change your life one step at a time.

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