Case Studies

Case Study #5

Nationwide Emergency Management Training Program

The Client:

The client is a renowned independent nonprofit organization committed to ensure people’s access to information through investigative journalism, litigation, and training. As part of this commitment, they hosted a three-day event on journalism and climate change crisis including workshops, panels, and conferences with the participation of journalists and editors from thirteen Caribbean countries as well as the public in general.

The Challenge:

  • Exceptional English and Spanish interpretation was needed for this multicultural event to facilitate communication among participants.
  • The agenda included workshops, training sessions, discussion panels, and conferences in four different locations which required a remarkable level of coordination.
  • During the event there were some changes regarding where the interpretation was needed.

The Client’s needs:

  • A team of professional interpreters and equipment technicians who could assist in ensuring effective communication among all parties.
  • The client needed the company to facilitate navigating cultural differences from various countries.
  • The team had to be flexible since the interpretation was required for long hours at different venues and had to manage last-minute changes in location.

The Lighthouse solution:

  • The interpretation team was able to assist in overcoming language barriers and ensuring engagement with the audience by providing exceptional interpretation.
  • Lighthouse provided the cultural support needed to foster constructive discussions and valuable multicultural exchanges.
  • The company was able to provide different types of simultaneous interpretation equipment including standard booth equipment as well as portable transmitters.
  • The interpretation team was able to adapt to last-minute changes in location by providing simultaneous interpretation to English speakers using a portable transmitter and radio receivers while at the same time providing chuchotage (whispering) interpretation to Spanish speakers.
  • Our highly skilled experienced technicians supported the interpretation, making sure the event ran smoothly and preventing any delays or issues that could affect this international journalism conference.


Lighthouse was able to deliver top quality services helping the client to overcome language barriers and have seamless communication with all participants. The company swiftly adapted to the client’s specific needs and requirements. Our team of professional experienced interpreters and technicians provided exceptional tailored interpretation services to facilitate training sessions, workshops, discussion panels, and conferences taking into consideration cultural nuances.

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