Over the Phone Interpreting

Do you or your company have an important deal to close with Beijing or Berlin but you don’t know how to communicate with them? Don’t worry, now you can have an effective call with anyone regardless of the location or language you speak, and we are here to help you with our Over the Phone Interpreter Service.

Language barriers are over with Lighthouse Translations

At Lighthouse Translations and Interpretations, we took notice that business and communication flow between countries and continents is growing. Therefore, in order to successfully fulfill all the demands of our customers, we have integrated Over the Phone Interpreting to our line of services with affordable pricing and the highest quality you could ask for!

We provide you an interpreter that is present with you during the phone call. You and the other call participants will simply call a toll-free number supplied by us and that’s it. Chinese, Russian, Spanish, French … it doesn’t matter. We have highly-skilled interpreters with a wide range of knowledge who will convert the spoken language for you in a precise and rapid way.

Our goal is to give you the tools to have the best communication with the call participants without interference, misunderstandings, and with strict confidentiality.

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