Medical Translation Services

When it comes to accurate languages translations and interpretations, there are few instances when proper communication is more important than in the medical field. At Lighthouse Translations we’re global leaders in Medical Translation Services, and we’re here to assist you in any capacity you need, whether you’re a medical professional or a patient.

Our Medical Translation Services Include:

  • Clinical trial reports

  • Consent for surgical procedures

  • Diagnosis

  • Display screen text (LCD)

  • Medical journal articles

  • Licensing agreements

  • Medical insurance claims

  • Medical reports & research

  • Patient status reports

  • Physical examinations

  • Prenatal questionnaires

  • Product labels & catalogs

And much more!

How Does the Process Work

Your path to clarity in medical translation services begins with simply reaching out to Lighthouse Translations. We’ve made this simple by adding a contact us form directly onto this page. Additionally, we’ve included a button to link to a FREE price quote if you’d like to begin there. We’re confident that after you initial interactions with our Team that you’ll agree that Lighthouse Translations if the right choice for your medical translation services.