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5 Common Applications for Legal Document Translation Services

In Blog by Rafael Morel

Legal document translation services are needed in a variety of circumstances. Here at Lighthouse Translations, we understand the importance of your legal document translation and we take this service very seriously. We have a network of linguists who specialize in legal matters and can always give you the best service. Laws vary from state to state and even country to country so we always partner you with an expert translator who knows the specific area of law that you need help with.

Here are five common applications for legal document translation services:

  1. Real estate litigation – In the process of real estate litigation, there are times when translation services may also be needed. For example, when buying or selling real estate between countries, clients may need translation services. There are intricate details of real estate law that absolutely cannot get lost in the translation process.
  2. Environmental law – In environmental law, there could be different countries or people of different backgrounds involved in cases. Laws must be fully understood and represented properly. Correspondence related to environmental laws, warnings, and action requests are also important and may need to be translated from time to time.
  1. Corporate litigation – In corporate litigation, there are often opportunities where representatives from one business need to correspond with those of another and there could be a language barrier. This is where legal document translation services can really be of use. Working with a professional who understands corporate litigation and how to translate corporate legal terms correctly and accurately can help things run more smoothly.
  2. Mergers and acquisitions – Another common application of legal document translation services is in the event of mergers or acquisitions. Market transactions and investments will sometimes need document translation in order to ensure all involved parties understand the process.
  3. International arbitration – International arbitration is a leading method for resolving disputes arising from international commercial agreements and other international relationships. Understandably, translation services may often be needed.

Legal document translation services may also be needed for patents or IP translation, exhibit translation, commercial and property sales in real estate, court opinion or publishing, intellectual property, financial services, security and fraud, emergency translation and more. It is crucial that legal documents are translated correctly as there is no room for even the most marginal errors.

Our experts are qualified in a wide area of law and translation in order to offer you the best available services. To find out how we can help you with your legal translation services, contact us today.

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