Legal Translating

Our network of global legal linguists works closely with attorneys, paralegals, legal advisors, law firms, and other experts specializing in the legal system, delivering documents translated quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

Why Choose Lighthouse Translations?

We offer the best legal document translation services found across the globe. While certain laws differ from country to country, Lighthouse Translations offers you a local professional legal translator to make sure each document is accurate for the country for which it is translated, conveys the same meaning, and complies with its legal system.

Our legal translation agency specializes in interpreting and translating complex contracts and agreements, as well as any other legal texts required to be officially translated into multiple languages. With their professional training and experience, our multilingual team knows the terminology and specific nuances required to translate legal documents accurately and correctly.

Our Legal Translation Services Include:

  • Contracts & agreements

  • Corporate law

  • Correspondence and meeting minutes

  • Court reporting, notices & depositions

  • File briefs, motions & memos

  • Foreign decisions, treaties & declarations

  • Immigration process documentation

  • License agreements

  • Birth certificates

  • Manuals

  • Mergers & acquisitions

  • Notices of appeal

  • Patents

  • Trial transcripts, exhibits & pleadings

  • Rush & time-intensive projects

And much more!

What is Legal Document Translation?

Legal translation is a specialized type of translation used to render text referring to the legal field. It involves translating legal documents from one language into another, such as contracts, statutes, and regulations.

One of the characteristics of legal document translation services lies in their tendency toward formality. This is because most legal documents are complicated in terms of syntax and vocabulary. As a result, it can be technically difficult for translators with limited experience in the field to produce high-quality legal translations.

Additionally, legal translation services are frequently delicate in nature, compounding the problem. For example, when translation errors occur, they can have major ramifications for both the client and the legal translation service.

What Sort of Legal Documents Can Your Translation Services Cover?

Different industries have their own distinct types of legal documents. However, there are several fundamental universally recognized legal document types that are common to most industries.

These include contracts and agreements, foreign decisions, treaties & declarations, legal opinions; notary public documents; licenses and patents; court reporting depositions and notices; transcripts of judicial proceedings; immigration materials, and corporate law documents.

We have experience translating all these legal documents, and if you do not find the specific texts you need translation for mentioned, we are sure to be able to help.

How Do You Translate an Industry-Specific Legal Document?

When it comes to translating industry-specific legal documents, professional translation firms like Lighthouse Translations tend to follow the same series of steps regardless of the type of document we are working on.

In addition to the legal document translation phase, these basic steps include planning, research, analysis, revision and correction, and proofreading and revision before the final text is handed over to the client.

What Do Legal Translators Do?

Legal interpreters are individuals who interpret what is said or written from one language, known as the source language, into another language known as the target language.

Generally speaking, professional legal translators have knowledge of the relevant law domain to translate such texts accurately without any problems arising later on. Legal terms may vary from state to state and country to country; hence, they require specialized knowledge. The translator must possess legal terminology skills as well as access to information that keeps them updated on new laws or changes within those countries where they are required to provide legal translations.

The general rule of thumb for legal translation providers is that they must be able to provide an accurate translation within a timeframe suited to their client. This means they should have good time management skills and be able to translate documents quickly and efficiently.

How Do You Find High-Quality Legal Document Translation Services?

Legal translation is an occupation that requires skills and knowledge of various legal systems across the world—this happens to be one of the most important requirements for translators working in this area. Due to the nature of work that requires familiarity with different laws, there are certain characteristics or qualifications that are essential for a good professional providing legal translation.

Legal translators must convey words and phrases accurately into another language; they should possess a comprehensive understanding of both languages involved in a particular legal translation project as well as any regional dialects.

They should know how to write grammatically correct texts, and they should have excellent writing skills. The same translator will be able to interpret law texts accurately, and they should know what constitutes the correct terminology for the legal system of the language they are translating.

Legal translators should also possess sound information technology skills, such as word-processing programs and grammar-checking software. As most law firms use standardized electronic formats for documents, it is crucial to understand these systems and how they can be used in translation services.

All our experienced translators have undergone a rigorous training process and possess the qualities we have discussed. When you outsource your legal translation project to us, you can ensure that the translator chosen is qualified enough for the job.

Certified Legal Translation Services

If you need a certified legal translation of your documents, we are the expert translation company to contact. We provide certified translations into a wide range of languages.

Since 2003, we have been providing legal translation services, and we have assisted a wide range of clients in obtaining various kinds of certified legal translation from our office with great success (including sworn translations).

Legal Interpretation Services

Legal interpretation services are provided by specialist interpreters involving the translation of a speaker or presenter delivering a speech in one language into another. This is done to ensure that people at a conference or meeting who speak a foreign language can understand what is said.

Legal interpreters are trained in specialized legal language to accurately interpret spoken words or written texts from one language into another. They should have extensive knowledge of legal jargon from at least two languages – and at least one of them should be their native language.

There are several characteristics needed for good legal interpreters. They should have superb listening, speaking, and language skills. They must be able to focus on the speaker without getting distracted by other things or interrupted.

It goes without saying that they must understand both languages involved in the interpretation project and can speak clearly and analytically at a moderate pace. They shouldn’t express any personal opinions during interpretation as it may lead to confusion or misinterpretation.

We offer a comprehensive range of legal interpretation services, including simultaneous interpretation, conference interpretation, and telephonic interpretation. Increasingly popular due to recent world events is our remote interpretation services, where our trained legal interpreters communicate with the client via video conference or other virtual means. We can also offer the services of high-end court interpreters.

A Legal Translation Service With a Proven Track Record

We offer professional legal translation services in over 20 languages. All our translators are carefully selected and highly trained professionals with years of experience in working with legal documents.

We also use cutting-edge technology to ensure that you receive top-quality legal translations every time you order from us. However, we do not rely on machine translation programs; instead, we manually review every document prepared by our legal translator before sending it to clients for final approval.

Our commitment to providing high-end translation services has won us an enviable reputation among our clients worldwide. Companies such as Pepsi, Avis, and Walgreens, as well as academic institutions like Cornell University and international organizations like the United Nations, are among our clientele.

We also hold American Translators Association (ATA) accreditation for translation and interpretation services. We guarantee that you will receive professional legal translation services of the highest quality at competitive rates.

How to Get Started With Our Legal Translation Services

Lighthouse Online sets the standard for legal translation services, and no job is too big or too small for our team of professionals. To get started with us, simply contact us using the form on this page, or feel free to reach out to receive a FREE price quote for our legal translation services. The process is simple, and we’re sure that once you talk with us, you will continue to see why our clients return to us time and time again for legal translations.