Call Centers Need Simultaneous Interpretation Services

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So many countries have become melting pots with people of all races who speak different languages.  It can be easy for foreign speakers to learn enough of the country’s language to get by but it can get tricky when there is an in depth conversation that needs to take place.  One area that there is a lot of difficulty is on phone calls.  When you speak to someone face to face you can use hand signals to help convey what you are attempting to say, but over the phone there is not that option.  Below are different types of call centers that need simultaneous interpretation services.

Utility Companies

It can be nearly impossible to set up or arrange payments for a person who is not a native language speaker.  There are many different aspects like the address and date the service should start that needs to be discussed.  If the person cannot understand the operator, there could be huge errors in this service.  People could actually not have service at their homes if something was not understood.  A simultaneous interpretation service would eliminate these issues and allow the non native speaker the chance to relay exactly what they want to say without any mistakes being made.

Market Research Companies

Market research companies rely on the input of people from all different types of demographics in order to a full sample of what the world is thinking.  Not all people will speak the language of the employees of the company that is conducting the research.  If those who are being interviewed do not understand the questions well enough to give their opinions, it could actually skew the results and they won’t be true.  A simultaneous interpretation service can ensure that the results of the research are spot on so there are good results.  Since so many companies rely on this type of research it is vital that all answers are exactly as the person being interviews give them.

Telemarketers and Appointment Setters

Let’s face it; there are few people that appreciate telemarketers or appointment setters calling and interrupting their day.  However, they do offer a service and employ many people who would otherwise not have a job.  One huge problem is that they may not always call people who speak their language so they have no chance at getting the sale or setting the appointment.  If they could have an interpreter to help them out during the call, they could make more commissions.

Having the ability to reach people who speak a wide variety of languages is very important for any company that has a call center attached to it.  So many people do not speak the native language of the country they live in or the call centers have to call people who live in other countries.  Having a simultaneous interpretation service can help them to reach those people who may otherwise have a language barrier.  When looking for this type of service make sure they offer interpreters in many different languages to cover all bases.

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