Cómo ser un Superhéroe Administrativo

How to be an Administrative Superhero

In Blog by Rafael Morel

No matter what industry you’re in, administrators always seem to be overlooked. They do a lot of the dirty work that make a business run, and here at Lighthouse, we recognize that they rarely get the credit they deserve. The annual Administrative Professionals Day give these hard workers some much-deserved praise, but the rest of the time it’s up to them to do a great job and hope someone notices. Here are a few websites that can help any administrative assistant do the best job possible and become the office hero.


This website is easy to navigate and comes with a wealth of information for administrators. There are blog articles and message boards providing all types of tips and tricks for administrators. There is also a toolbox of links covering just about anything an administrative assistant will need to access, including travel, software, and salary information. There are always new articles and new information being added, and the site is so big that there’s always something useful waiting to be discovered. DeskDemon also has templates for nearly any type of paperwork one could ever need, a tool that should prove useful for any administrative assistant. When it comes to being a top-notch administrator, this website has all your bases covered.


This is the official site of the International Association of Administrative Professionals, an organization that provides support and encouragement for administrators. Any administrator who’s serious about being the best they can be should check out the organization and consider joining. Of course, even if you don’t want to join, the site offers plenty of resources that can help you along in your career and make you the best administrator possible.


Our company isn’t specifically geared towards administrators, but it wouldn’t hurt to have our website bookmarked if you’re an administrator. Lighthouse is as reliable as it gets when it comes to interpretation and translation services, and any administrator would be wise to contact Lighthouse should their company ever need those types of services. On top of that, the Lighthouse blog is full of articles that are helpful and informative for anyone working in an office setting, so there’s also something new and interesting to learn.


Administrators are responsible for keeping track of all kinds of sensitive information, and when that information needs to be shared with other people, Privnote is the place to go. If you don’t want to email or call someone with something private for fear of someone else finding out, Privnote allows you to send a message that disappears once it’s been read by whomever you’re sending it to. Once the URL is clicked once, it becomes lost forever. This allows private information to be shared secretly, which is quite a useful tool for administrators.