Translation Services Are Better than Translation Software

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When first entering the foreign market, your number one priority is to find ways to communicate efficiently with your clients and business partners. Communication is the key to any successful business deal, so it’s something you need to have worked out right from the start. You have a couple of different options when it comes to communicating with foreign clients. The two main options include hiring a translation service to take care of all your translation needs or use translation software.

If you’re like most companies you’re looking for ways to cut costs where you can, so it may seem logical to invest in translation software to handle all written text instead of hiring a translation service but it may not be the right choice. When it comes to the important documents used in running a business and working with clients and other professionals in the industry, experts do not recommend translation software. Here’s why.

Translation Software Is Not 100 Percent Reliable

This type of software can make mistakes that can have serious complications. If you’re translating a sales agreement between you and a client for example and the software makes a mistake, you may be agreeing to something very different from what you think you’re agreeing to. This type of mistake could not only cost your company money, but translation errors made in the medical or scientific field could cost lives.

Here at Lighthouse Translations, our translators will provide accurate translations for all of your company’s written text. You never have to worry about dealing with mistakes that could have a negative impact on your business or worse.

It Can’t Translate Different Meanings or Dialects

Translation software can translate the words from one language to another but it cannot translate the meaning of the words or understand different dialects. Since many words have different meanings in different languages, the translated information may not make any sense or it may not have the same meaning as the original text. Either way, you could run into a lot of problems that can be avoided by using a language translation service with real people.

Writing Style and Tone are Lost

When you use our business translation services, we will translate the text accurately but we’ll also preserve the writing style and tone used in the text. Translation software does not have the ability to distinguish one writing style from another and it removes all emotions from the text.

The style of writing used is important to help create a good business relationship between you and your clients or business partners and the tone expresses feelings. The tone has the ability to make readers feel happy, sad or anxious and it can relay the urgency behind the words. When you take away the writing style and tone, you’re left with just words on paper with no special meaning.

When it comes to business, translation services are much better than translation software. When your reputation and the future of your business is at stake, you can’t afford to take chances. You need a translation service you can trust to be accurate every time not just once in a while. That is the type of service you’ll receive when you choose Lighthouse Translations for all of your interpretation and translation needs.


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