Language Services Preparing for HR Document Translations

Language Services: Preparing for HR Document Translations

In Blog by Rafael Morel

Language services are very important and if you work in human resources, you are going to face many situations where you may need to know language services or have a resource you can go to for translation or interpretation. Preparing for HR document translations is one example of this.

Whether you are doing the translations yourself, or sending it out to a translator or third party service to help with this part, it is important that you prepare the documents first. There are several things the HR department can do to help a translator get a good start on a document and to make things more organized so the translation is the best possible.

Here are some things you need to know about preparing for HR document translations:

  1. Review your source document. The first step should always be to carefully review your source document. You should take this time to check for typos and other issues that could make it even more confusing once you translate.
  2. Get organized. Next, it will be very important that you get organized and that you organize all of the content that you are translating or having translated by a service provider. You might find yourself in the position of filtering many documents through the HR office. You need to be highly organized so as to avoid mistakes.
  3. Be culturally aware. It’s also important that you do more than just translate words. You need document translation that is culturally conscious and will not insult people. Some words and phrases can get lost in the translation or even change meanings completely.
  4. Prep documents for pre-translation. You can also help the document translation process by prepping the documents for pre-translation. This makes it easier for whoever is doing the translating to get it done and it speeds up other processes within the office.

Technical translation services can be helpful if you are preparing HR documents for translation or translating from highly technical fields. It’s very important that these documents are translated perfectly.

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