Technical Translations – Services We Offer

Clients who take advantage of our expert technical translation services are predominantly engineering firms, construction companies, electronic engineers, and manufacturers, among others. As technology expands, so make the demands of effectively translating technical manuals and specifications across multiple languages.

Our technical translation services are geared around the understanding that precision and accuracy are paramount to successful projects and communications. High qualifications are essential to translate technical documents, so we cooperate with competent and experienced technical translators who can work with multiple languages and various kinds of technical documents.

Our Technical Translation Services Include:

Automotive & transportation / Documentation

Proper localization of technical documentation pertaining to the automotive industry is important not only for car manufacturers and buyers to understand the intricacies of each product but also to ensure the safety of their users all over the world. Thanks to precise technical translation services, you can reduce the risk of mistakes that may be dangerous or even lethal.

Airport feasibility studies

International airports are, by definition, a logistical and financial challenge. There is no need to make these projects any harder than they have to by trusting some poor technical translation services. To keep all the passengers and employees safe and content, it is recommended to invest in proper technical translations that will help to keep an international airport well-organized and reduce the potential risks of dangerous situations.

Assembly guides

Putting together a product is a tricky subject matter as it is, and a wrongly translated word or two in its technical documentation may lead the entire process astray. The highest level of professional technical translations is an absolute necessity when putting out assembly guides for products that would be sent out to various parts of the world. If such technical documents are translated correctly, you will be less likely to get any complaints about the assembly process of your product.


In today’s interconnected and interdependent world, construction sites and architects’ offices are often international environments. The best technical translation of blueprints is a way to ensure that the buildings of the future are safe and sound, regardless of who is working on them.

Contract proposals

The business has gone international. Closing a deal with a company or individual from a completely different culture requires understanding their cultural and financial mindset, which should always be reflected in the technical translations of any and all contract proposals. An accurate technical translation process will help reduce any misunderstandings between all the parties included.

Environmental & development documentation (NGOs)

Non-governmental organizations are often underfunded and understaffed. In order to get anything done, they need to push through thick layers of red tape. The right terminology and technical document translation can help an NGO deliver the desired results without having to bother with documentation issues brought up by bureaucratically run public offices.

Housing & construction / Documentation

Just like in the case of blueprints, there is no place for mistakes in a technical translation project having to do with constructing, maintaining, and developing houses and apartment buildings. After all, people’s safety is at stake, and any mistake or misunderstanding stemming from badly translated technical documents can have serious consequences, including a construction collapse causing multiple injuries and deaths.

Maintenance reports

They are an essential part of any business’s day-to-day operations. Companies use all sorts of complex equipment on a daily basis, and without proper maintenance, that equipment can quickly deteriorate. A maintenance report handled by experienced technical translators can help your international colleagues understand what past maintenance actions were performed and how they affected the business (and equipment) at large.

Operation manuals

Working in an international, multilingual team can be a lot of fun, but at the same time, it also poses plenty of communication challenges. A coherent operation manual, translated with the utmost accuracy into all of your co-workers’ languages by a professional technical translation agency, will guarantee that the entire team is on the same page from the get-go.

Patent applications

When it comes to securing patents for new, innovative products, there is no time to waste. You should be able to submit a patent application with all the necessary technical documents quickly and effortlessly in any country your company works in. Professional technical translation services can help you ensure that your patent application’s localization is accurate and will not cause you any trouble at the patent office. As a result, you won’t have to waste your time and stress out about any required corrections, stemming from poor technical translation services.

Quality & factory assessments

Regardless of the industry your company is in, if you manufacture any item, the chances are that the company’s factories are scattered all over the world and produce technical documents in multiple languages. To ensure the same high level of product and work quality in each one of them, you can rely on our technical translations converting quality and factory assessment sheets into any language you’d need.

Quality management manuals & processes

The quality of a branch’s work can’t be properly assessed if your international colleagues don’t know how to maintain and manage said quality properly. This is where quality management manuals and processes come in, and they need to be accurately handled by a trusted technical translation agency. We translate technical documents with the utmost care, focusing on every single detail so that your quality management manuals and processes can be clear to everyone, no matter what their native language.

Research & testing policies

Whatever products your company makes, or services it provides, there is always a certain amount of research and testing to be done to ensure the functionality of the final product (or service). These practices have to be universal across the board so that there are no discrepancies between what each branch puts out. Reliable technical translation services will make it possible for you to be sure everything will be clear to everyone involved.

Site plans

Even though they may seem like they don’t require a great deal of translating, site plans are still technical documents. As such, they need the technical translation to be done with the utmost care and accuracy to make sure that the construction firm understands the architect’s designs.

Software & product specifications

Product and software specifications are some of the most important technical documents involved in the process of creating anything in any industry. The technical translation services you enlist to localize these documents need to have a thorough understanding of the subject matter to localize them in various languages properly.

Technical drawings

Much like site plans, technical drawings don’t contain a lot of text, but they still need to be translated by a professional technical translation service. If misunderstood, they can affect the safety and feasibility of a product or facility made with the use of this technical documentation. For this reason, it is advised to use the best technical translation services and not put anyone at risk just because of a language misunderstanding.

User manuals

Such technical manuals are probably the most widely translated technical documents on the face of the planet. The more languages the user manual for your product includes, the better since it enables more people to buy and properly use your products in multiple countries! Technical translation can help you to reach customers from other parts of the world and possibly increase your profit. To make sure nobody will sue you for language misunderstandings turning out to be dangerous, be sure to use the services of the best technical translation agency, such as Lighthouse Translations.

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