Quality Assurance Services

As a result of our vast experience in project management and logistics for the past 15 years in our language service projects, we have embarked on offering these services as stand-alone services to our clients.

You can now benefit from our vast domestic and international experience in complex logistics, project management and quality assurance.

We have an implacable record of successful completion of more than 1,200 projects that involve logistics and project management and more than 2,300 projects that require near-perfect level of accuracy, all achieved through methodic quality control and quality assurance processes.

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Project Management

From coordinating one-on-one meetings to high-level conferences, we have done it for the most demanding clients. Whether you need us behind the scenes or front and center in the planning, implementation or execution stages, you will have a trusted ally that can guide you and be your partner to achieve the results you need. Material sourcing tours, plant tours, workshops, meetings, conferences, site inspection visits. You name it, we have the experience to coordinate it for you.

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Quality Assurance

We have coupled our vast in-house experience with top-notch talent in the fields of power generation, pharma manufacturing and traditional manufacturing, to provide you with certified quality assurance services to complement your existing internal processes.

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Just tell us where, when, and what and we can make it happen for you across the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean. We have successfully coordinated personnel and equipment transport into 30 of the 55 countries of the Americas, and have personnel in-country in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Panama, Brazil, Puerto Rico and Colombia ready to welcome you and make sure that you hit the ground running.