Business Meetings

Do you have multilingual audience members attending your next business or board of directors meeting? Are you attending a business meeting conducted in a foreign language? If so, at Lighthouse Translations we offer accurate, professional, and culturally appropriate simultaneous and consecutive conference interpreting/translation services for all of your business meeting interpretation needs.

Why Lighthouse Translations?

Our broad interpreter/translator network offers specialized knowledge in many areas including business and financial, legal, engineering, technology, medical, economic development, and numerous others. With various specializations, you are assured accurate results using industry-specific terminology.

Our Business Meeting Interpretation Services Include:

  • Academic forums

  • Board meetings

  • Interviews & Human Resources Services

  • On-site tours

  • Press conferences

  • Sales meetings

  • Training seminars

And much more!

Next Steps

Ultimately, no matter what your need, or when, Lighthouse Translations is your go-to resource for Business Meeting Interpretation. One of the easiest ways to find out for yourself how great our Team and our services are is to contact us, or let us provide a FREE price quote for your business meeting interpretation. Want to learn more, simply contact us using the form on this page or download our FREE eBook.