Escort Interpreting Services

In business and travel, there comes a time when you’re best served by having an interpreter physically by your side to help you navigate any communication barriers you may come across. To service you in these times of need, we developed our Escort Interpreting Services.

What Are Escort Interpreting Services

In the field of escort interpreting services, Lighthouse Translations provides you with just that – an on-hand escort interpreter. Our escort interpreters are used mostly when on-site demands require our clients to have direct interaction and contact with the interpreter.

An escort interpreter can always accompany you, facilitating dialogue between two parties in business, personal or operational dealings that speak different languages. Our escort interpreters are specialized in many subjects and fields, both at a professional and informal level.

What to Search For in Professional Escort Interpreters?

Professional interpreting involves a lot of aspects, so a certified interpreting specialist is not only a fluent speaker of a particular language but has a lot of other skills that will help you during an international meeting, event, trip, or any other situation where an interpreter accompanies you. Here are some of the most crucial factors:

The Language Fluency
To be fluent in a language, an escort interpretation specialist needs to know not only the regular vocabulary and grammar but also such peculiarities as local idioms and dialects. Ideally, an interpreter should be a native speaker of both languages or bilingual and able to provide their clients with proper translation in both ways.

The Location Knowledge
When someone visits a new place, they usually need a lot of logistic help. They need to know how to reach their hotel from the airport, and they have to attend their meetings or planned events on time, without wandering around the town trying to find the right way. For this reason, it is advised to look for interpreters who know a particular location.

Apart from taking you to places you need to go to, they can also help you organize tours by telling you where you can do some sightseeing or where it is recommended to go for food and drinks.

The Cultural Context for Interpretation
Interpretation is not just the literal translation of one set of words into another. A certified escort interpreter needs to know various cultural nuances to accurately convert the message from one language to another.

What’s more, an escort interpreting specialist should be able to explain to you how to behave in a different country to avoid embarrassment, confusion, or even offending someone in certain situations demanding cultural knowledge. Thanks to the in-depth experience of living in both cultures, a certified interpretation specialist knows not only the languages but also all the crucial peculiarities and differences in customs, behavior, etc.

The Right Personality for an Interpreting Job
A client of an interpretation service needs to keep in mind that the chosen interpreting specialist will accompany them during any visits and activities demanding language knowledge and understanding the context. It means that you will have a lot of close interactions, so interpreters should be trustworthy, friendly, and professional at the same time.

For this reason, a renowned translation company like Lighthouse Translations always employs only interpreting experts with the right personality for the job because it is of the highest importance for us to make every client fully content with the service.

Our escort interpreter will help you reach an event on time, be aware of the differences between cultures and languages, understand all the guidelines on how to behave or use some equipment, phone or message someone who does not speak your language, and more. We are sure our interpreters will be helpful in a bunch of situations!

Want to Learn More About Our Escort Interpretation Services?

If you’d like more information regarding our escort interpreting services, we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us by filling out the form on this page, or feel free to use the button found on here to receive a FREE quote for our escort interpreting services. What’s more, there are also phone numbers to choose from, depending on whether you are a foreign or local client.

We’re ready to serve you at any international events, tours, and meetings with foreign business partners, and all it takes is for you to reach out for our services. Our team of professional interpreters will handle the rest!