Telephone Interpreter Service

More and more, we’re finding our clientele have recurring needs where they simply need an interpreter present on a phone call with them to help streamline communications. To meet this growing demand, we created our Telephone Interpreter Service to be as robust and all-encompassing as all of our other services, but at the same time affordable, and easily accessible.

Why Choose Lighthouse Translations?

Simply put, because we’ve made our telephone interpreter service very simple and easy to use. Similar to a conference call, when you utilize our telephone interpreter service, you and your other call participants will simply call in to a toll-free number, provided by Lighthouse Translations, and you’re on your way.

Is time not on your side? That’s easy for us as well! Contact Us today using the form on this page, and we’ll get you the toll-free number to use for your call. When you are on the line, simply select the language-pairing you are in need of, and you’re all set.

On-demand telephone interpretation service gives you the freedom to conduct business across cultures and continents without language barriers. Other benefits include enhanced enterprise-wide multi-lingual communication, customer acquisition, and service along with superior quality, confidentiality, and convenience.

Getting Started

We’re ready when you are. Simply contact us today via web form or phone. If you’d like, click the button on this page and receive a FREE quote from our Team. We’ll take care of the rest.