Marriage Certificate Translation Services

A marriage certificate is an official record that two people are married. Marriage certificates serve as official documents that show your legal marital status. But sometimes, life takes you across borders. Many newlywed couples relocate or immigrate. When that happens, getting your marriage certificate translated becomes essential.

There are lots of reasons you may need a certified translation of your marriage certificate. Maybe you got married overseas and need to register your marriage back home. The certificate will be in a foreign language. Or perhaps you moved to the United States after your wedding. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services requires a translated certificate for immigration. Some countries also ask for a translated copy to issue passports or visas. In these cases, having your legal document translated is a must.

Whatever your situation, Lighthouse Translations can help. Our experienced translators specialize in accurately translating marriage certificates. We make it easy to overcome language barriers and get certified translations that meet all legal requirements. Count on us to handle all your marriage certificate translation needs efficiently.

Lighthouse Translations Marriage Certificate Translation Services

At Lighthouse Translations, our marriage certificate translation process is straightforward. First, we match you with one of our certified translators fluent in over 200 language combinations. They possess specialized expertise in legal and immigration documents.

Next, provide details on your translation needs. We then furnish a personalized quote and timeline for completion.

Submit an electronic copy of your marriage certificate for translation. Our secure system safeguards your document. Specify source and target languages, plus any certification requirements.

Once complete, the translation undergoes rigorous review for total accuracy. Then you receive an electronic file of the certified translation. We also ship hard copies as requested.

Types of Marriage Certificate Translations

  • Certified Marriage Certificate Translation – These literal translations contain a signed statement verifying completeness and accuracy. Certified translations meet requirements for legal and official use.
  • Notarized Translation – We can arrange for a certified translation to be notarized for added authenticity. This involves review and stamping by a licensed Notary Public.
  • USCIS Translations – Our experts regularly translate marriage certificates for immigration purposes. We guarantee translations will be accepted by US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Quality and Accuracy

We guarantee an accurate, high-quality translation of marriage certificates. Our extensive review process checks for completeness, attention to detail, and precision in conveying the source material from the original document.

All translations are checked by a senior linguist prior to delivery. They verify the translated document conveys every detail accurately in the target language.

You can trust you’ll receive a faithful and complete translated marriage certificate from our professional translators. We stand behind our work with an ironclad guarantee – no details are lost in the document translation process.

Why Choose Lighthouse to Translate Your Legal Documents?

Want Marriage Certificate Translations Done Right?

Choose Lighthouse as your marriage translation service.

Marriage certificates contain important legal information. Mistranslations could cause major headaches. Don’t risk it – trust the experts at Lighthouse instead.

As a translation company with 19+ years of experience, we know all the intricacies of translating marriage certificates. Our pro translators speak the language of legal documents fluently.

At Lighthouse Translations, we offer a rapid turnaround on accurate marriage certificate translations. Contact us today to receive your free quote and get certified translations from the experts.