Scientific Translation Services

In the science fields everything comes down to accuracy and precision. The same rules apply to us when we engage with our clients for Scientific Translation Services.

At Lighthouse Translations we assist professionals in the fields of geology, physics, nuclear science, biology, environmental, marine sciences and many others. Our scientific translation services are broad, but always focused on the end result of an accurate and precise delivery of the translated message.

Our Scientific Translation Services Include:

  • Articles

  • Environmental audits

  • Laboratory reports

  • Research reports

And much, much more!

Why Choose Lighthouse Translations?

The simple answer is so that you never have to make this same choice again. To clarify, once you’ve enlisted Lighthouse Translations to partner with for your scientific translation services, you’ll never look anywhere else.

Our clients come back over and over again because of our expertise, experience, and accuracy in delivering a scientific translation that is dead on. We encourage you to discover this for yourself.

Translators have a very important and often difficult job. They have the responsibility of translating written text from one language into another with complete accuracy. Due to the difficulty of translating the information precisely, these professionals only translate it into their native language. For example, a translator whose native language is English will translate documents and other written text only into the English language.

It takes a professional with good writing and research skills to do this job with high-quality results, but it becomes even more complicated when it involves scientific documents. Scientists all over the world work individually and as teams to study the Earth, its inhabitants, and everything around us. They look for answers to all the critical questions that will ensure the existence of the human race. This includes everything from finding cures for diseases to preserving the Earth’s freshwater sources.

When scientists are ready to share their discoveries and knowledge with other colleagues and the public, they want to share the materials in various languages to achieve global attention. That’s when the search for a professional language interpretation firm starts.

Examples of Translation of Scientific Texts

Researchers fall into a number of different categories:

  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Geology
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Psychology
  • Pharmacology

Since there are so many different areas of study in the scientific field, the translator must have a deep comprehension of the specific area of study being translated before understanding the information. There is no way to translate this type of information without the knowledge acquired through extensive study in the field. The examples of scientific and technical translation are usually glossaries, articles, manuals, software, and research documents, among other types of materials. Lighthouse Online offers professional and qualified translators to deliver an accurate translation of your projects or documents. Our agency offers a variety of languages to translate from and to, for example, English, Spanish, French, German, and many others. In case you have a meeting, conference call, or any other event, you could also hugely benefit from an interpretation service. We have interpreters specialized in simultaneous scientific translation, too.

Confidentiality of Scientific and Technical Translation

Scientific knowledge is extremely valuable; that’s why we understand the importance of the privacy of materials we work on. Our interpreters and translators sign confidentiality agreements to prevent the disclosure of any information.

What Do Scientific Translators Do?

A scientific translator has two main objectives. First, they must convert the documents from the native language to the target one. This can be very time-consuming, depending on the length of the documents. It’s also a tedious job that must be done slowly and carefully in order to meet the second objective, which is to make sure the information translated is accurate in every way.

With something this important, you need a professional scientific translation service to ensure no mistakes are made. Just one small error could create a huge problem, so there is absolutely no room for error. Scientific translators work to translate all types of reports from research papers to the results found in laboratory experiments, and extensive knowledge of both languages is required to do the job.

Once the document has been translated, we have proofreaders who make sure there are no mistakes in the documents and that terminology has been translated precisely. At Lighthouse Online, we pay great attention to the process of scientific translation to deliver only a high level of service.

Why You Need Scientific Translation Service

Scientific research documents contain some of the most important information shared between nationalities. This type of information shapes the future in many ways, and it has to be accurate when shared to be of any value. The translator needs to understand the information they are translating to perform the task correctly. Scientific translation includes many industry-specific terminologies that require a translator to have prior education and experience before working on the translation of scientific texts.

Here at Lighthouse Online, we specialize in scientific translations, and our professional translators have the skills and experience needed to translate a variety of languages. We can help bridge the communication gap and ensure all scientific documents are handled with care and translated correctly. Give us a call for a free quote and to learn more about the translation services we offer.

How To Get Started

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