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Lighthouse Translations is the go-to resource for Philadelphia Interpreter Services. Whether you need language services for an event, meeting or training, we’re here to help.
We provide translation and interpretation in more than 20 languages, and have an extensive network of linguists available in several fields and industries, so you can feel secure that your translation and interpretation needs can be met.
We encourage you to browse our site for more services and information. You can access our other services pages using the links below. The best way to learn more about us, however, is to reach out using the form to the right.

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The City of Philadelphia

Philadelphia is home to developing industries in technology, science, communications, business and finances. Companies like: Subaru, Analytical Graphics, Inc., Education is of excellence having 100 colleges and universities like Thomas Jefferson University, University of Pennsylvania, The University of Arts, The Art Institute of Philadelphia and others are based in here in Philly.

Exploring Philadelphia: there are a couple of museums that you can go if your visiting like: The African American Museum, The Academy of Natural Sciences, The National Constitution Center, these are just a few of what Philadelphia has to offer you.

Whether you need documents or websites translated, rent interpretation equipment for an event or conference, or a full-service conference or simultaneous interpretation package, we’re here.

Our Interpreter Services include:

This is just a short list of the services that Lighthouse Translations provides. You may contact us, or take advantage of a FREE price quote today! If you don’t see the specific service or need that you’re looking for, simply use the form to the right. We’re ready to help you with all of your Philadelphia Interpreter Services.

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Translation Services in Philadelphia

Not only is Philadelphia a major city and business hub in its own right, the city is also accessible to major metropolitan areas including NYC, Washington DC, and Baltimore. The city attracts visitors and businesses from around the world. This is why we offer a variety of translation and interpreter services in the Philadelphia region.

About The City of Philadelphia

Philadelphia is known as the city of brotherly love. It is home to the Eagles football team, 76ers basketball team, Phillies baseball team, and the beloved Philadelphia Flyers NHL team. Philadelphia or ‘Philly’ is also a historic city. It is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Because of this, the city attracts United States history buffs from around the world who want to see the Liberty Bell, visit Independence Hall, take in Franklin Square, or simply stroll through the historic district.

Tourists with more modern tastes won’t be disappointed either. They can attend a professional sporting event, enjoy a night in one of many bars and nightclubs, nosh on a famous cheesesteak sandwich or hot pretzel, visit the Love sculpture, or spend time at terminal market.

It goes without saying that this would be an ideal spot for a global conference, or to expand your business.

Philadelphia Conference Interpreters

Philly is full of great spots for  holding conferences and other events. There are many capable event planning services and concierges who can help ensure your global conference goes off without a hitch. The only problem is that most of them don’t know anything about providing conference interpreter services.

That’s where we come in. We will work alongside you and your event planner to integrate interpreter services into your event. The result will be an amazing experience for all of your guests no matter which languages they speak.

Interpretation Equipment Rental in Philadelphia

We can also guarantee that your event will have the equipment it needs to provide real time interpreter services. We have all of the equipment required, and will ensure that it is on site and ready to go.

Certified Translation Services

What are certified translation services? In some cases a translation must be done by a professional who meets certain requirements. In others, the final document must be notarized, or otherwise certified as valid by some authority. Rest assured that if you need any form of certification or validation, we will make sure that you get exactly what you need.

Document Translation Services

You don’t need to be a business professional to use our services. We are happy to work with individuals to translate a wide variety of documents. We have provided family translations for genealogy research, translated documents for students, even helped travelers with medical document translations.

Business Translation Services

We offer a wide variety of business translation services. If your company is in need of any of the following translations, simply let us know:

We will ensure that you can communicate effectively with your staff, customers, clients, and associates.

Work With The Best Translation Agencies in Philadelphia

Whether you are a traveler, a business professional, or simply live in the city of brotherly love, you can count on Lighthouse for the best in interpreter services, translations, and interpreter equipment rental. We are proud to be the top provider of these services in this city as well as other major metropolitan areas around the world. We staff only the best qualified translation professionals, so that you can feel confident in communicating with people from around the world.

Translation Services in Philadelphia

Lighthouse Translations is one of the best Translation Services companies in Philadelphia. The combination of our range of services and our award winning customer service provides a communication solution that our clients love.
Looking for Document Translation Services in Philadelphia? We deliver document translations in more than 20 languages and such as English, Portuguese, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, and more. We invite you to contact one of our translation experts to assist you in your document translation needs.