Interpretation Equipment Rentals

Many times, no matter how great your human interpreter is, it all comes down to the use of translation equipment, and the involvement of modern technology to ensure your translation services are top-notch. Having access to simultaneous interpretation equipment of the highest quality brings an elevated level of expertise to your translation needs.

Why choose Lighthouse Translations?

Lighthouse Translations uses only translation equipment of the highest quality. Our equipment includes: interpreter microphones, both FM and infrared digital transmitters and receivers, soundproof booths, portable interpretation equipment and much more!
We also have all of the additional auxiliary components needed for seamless interpretation and translation experiences. Working with us ensures that your event, conference, or business meeting will go off without a hitch.

Interpretation Equipment Rentals

To put it plain and simple, we will provide everything you need in regards to translation equipment. Whether it be simple microphones to amplifiers, digital transmitters to control panels, headsets to soundproof booths… allow Lighthouse Translations to take care of it all!
When we’re working together you can rest assured that your Project Manager will provide all that you need and a thorough overview of each piece of translation equipment. These assurances are, and always will be, the components of success for Lighthouse Translations and our continued business with past and future clients.

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