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Jamaica: Lighthouse interpretarion services

Kingston is the capital of the largest city of Jamaica, found near the southeastern coast of the island. It is the largest predominately English speaking city south of the US. It is made of two parts: the historic Downtown and New Kingston. You will also find the Norman Manley International Airport services both parts and the mostly-domestic-flights Tinson Pen Aerodrome.
Most of the demographic of Kingston are of African descent. The geography is nice, surrounded by the Blue Mountains, Red Hills, Long Mountain and of course, the Kingston Harbor. It has a pleasant, tropical climate, like all of Jamaica, making it a great place to visit. It has a wet-dry climate with the wet months typically occurring between May to November. Since it is a coastal location, it is often impacted by the sea changes and coastal weather.

If you are planning to host an event in Kingston, Jamaica, you might be well served with interpretation or translation services. It also depends on who is attending this event and where they will be coming from. Planning in advance will help you to see what kinds of interpretation services you’re going to need. At Lighthouse Translations, we have experts who speak many different languages and also know how to translate properly in different methods such as speech and in writing. We can also help with document translation if needed. We can provide you an on-site interpreter to work with your speakers at the events. If hosting events in Kingston, Jamaica, know that people are also going to want some time to enjoy the beautiful place they are visiting. Put your schedule out early and stick to the agenda as much as possible. We will work with you in the planning phase to ensure everything happens as it should and your event is a success for all who attend.

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Kingston Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Kingston, Jamaica is a great place for corporate events and conventions. If you want to be able to reach all of your audience at these events, or if you know you will be inviting people from different countries who speak different languages, then it’s going to be very important you plan for the interpretation services you need. In these types of events simultaneous interpretation is a popular choice.

Professional Interpretation Services in Kingston Jamaica

The City of Kingston

Kingston is the capital city of Jamaica, and it’s located right along the beautiful coast. While English is the official language, people who live in Kingston may be of African, East Asian, and Chinese descent among others. That diversity along with the tourism industry in the region means that you could encounter people who speak dozens of languages on any given day. If you plan to live, work, or vacation in Kingston, you may benefit from interpretation and translation services.

Why Choose Lighthouse For Interpreter or Translation Services

For more than 15 years, Lighthouse translations has provided translation and interpretation solutions around the world.  Thanks to our team of more than 200 skilled professionals, we are able to offer these services in 20 different languages.

It is thanks to our team that we have been fortunate enough to work with businesses, individuals, government organizations, charities, individuals, and more. We are proud to say that our reach is global. We are even prouder to say that we have built an unmatched reputation in our industry by focusing on delivering only the best when it comes to customer service and professionalism.

Take a look at the services we have to offer:

If you live in Kingston, or are planning a trip there, we’d be honored to serve you.

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Our professional interpreters don’t simply understand languages. They are gifted communicators. They can help you engage in meaningful and fruitful interactions with others regardless of the languages you speak.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Like the name suggests, simultaneous interpretation happens in real time. That means you or your audience members have dialog interpreted for them as it is delivered. This ensures that everyone can participate, and that nobody feels left out.

Conference Interpretation

Did you know that Kingston was home to several convention centers and hotels. Now, imagine schedule in your next conference ad a warm coastal place like Kingston. You could draw associates and potential clients from around the world.

When you do you can make the conference a better experience for everyone with our conference interpretation services.the best way to ensure that every guest can participate fully is to consider their language interpretation needs during the planning phase of your conference. We can help with this. We will staff your event with professional Kingston conference interpreters to ensure that your guests have the best possible experience.

Interpretation Equipment Rental in Kingston

When you have an event that requires translation or interpretation services, you may need special equipment to get that job done effectively. We will help you arrange for any such equipment that you need, so that you don’t have to deal with the logistics of it all. This gives you more time to focus on your business meeting, conference, or event.

Business Translations

We provide a full array of business translation services. This includes:

We are happy to translate any business related document for you. In many cases we are able to offer certified translation services to ensure accuracy and compliance with industry standards.

Why Choose Lighthouse Translation And Interpretation Services?

Lighthouse is a leading provider of translation and interpretation services. We are members of the American Translation Association (ATA) among several other professional organizations. Our clients are major businesses, governments, and organizations from around the world. We staff only the best translators and interpreters, and we ensure that every person we hire has the perfect combination of business ethics and interpersonal skills.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your simultaneous interpretation services, event translation services and more. We have an experienced and trained staff ready and willing to help you make your event a complete success.