Conference Interpreting

Conference interpreting is the process of translating the message conveyed by speakers at conferences into a different language for people who otherwise wouldn’t understand what is being said. 

At Lighthouse Translations, we understand how monumental a task it is to plan and conduct a business or industry conference. We also understand how important it is that each of the conference attendees gets everything they can out of the event. This begins with communication.

Our Conference Interpreting services are tailored specifically for your event. Whether your attendees will only need translations into one or two languages or many more, Lighthouse Translations has you covered for all aspects of your conference Interpreting needs.

Conference Interpreting vs. Simultaneous Interpreting

You might be wondering – how is conference interpreting different from simultaneous interpreting? Simultaneous interpretation happens when an interpreter translates what is being said by the speaker in real-time, with more or less a 1.5-second delay. Conference interpreting is just one of the settings in which SI is used.

As can be understood from the name, conference interpreting is used at large conferences, international meetings, big seminars, and workshop type of events when there is at least one person who doesn’t really know the language in which the event is going to be hosted.

What Type Of Equipment Is Needed?

There are different types of equipment that an interpreter will need – which one will be used depends on the venue, as well as the number of people that will take part in the conference.

  • Whisper Equipment – this is the most basic interpreting equipment. It includes a headset with a microphone and a transmitter, as well as headphone sets with receivers for the guests. The interpreter is seated further from the crowd and whispers what is being said into the microphone, which is then transmitted into the audience members’ headsets. In this set-up, the interpreter has to rely on what they hear from the speakers, as they don’t have a direct audio feed.
  • Table Top Booth – this is pretty self-explanatory due to the name. In this scenario, the interpreter sits at the table on which the booth is located. Only the upper part of their body is visible, and they have their equipment there as well. While this type of booth is not completely soundproof, it is small and portable, which means that it is ideal for venues in which setting up a regular booth could be a hassle.
  • Full Interpreter Booth – these booths are standalone enclosures, with four walls, a floor, a ceiling, a door, and even their own ventilation system. They are completely soundproof, which ensures the interpreter won’t disturb the audience members. To not disturb the presenter, the interpreters receive a direct audio feed. This type of booth can accommodate at least two interpreters.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many translation companies (including us) changed their offer to be more suitable to the current situation, meaning that the majority of the services have become remote. This also means that when it comes to remote Simultaneous Interpreting (or remote conference interpretations), there’s no need for such extensive equipment.

When it comes to virtual conference interpretation, the only equipment the conference interpreters really need is a good set of headphones and a good quality microphone so that the audience members can clearly understand them. They also need a remote SI platform – however, this is usually provided by the event organizers. By using the proper equipment, the interpreters can perform the remote conference interpreting from home.

How Do I Schedule A Remote Simultaneous Interpreter?

It is actually pretty simple – just give us a call or send an email! Our professional team will get back to you as soon as possible so that we can arrange everything and make sure that the services we provide will work perfectly for the event you are organizing. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so you can get a quote and share what you need – our professional team will take care of the rest, providing you with the best translation and interpreting services – be it remote conference interpreting or something else.