Document Translations Services

As time goes on, the situations and instances in which translation services are warranted continue to increase in number. Every day cultures and nationalities interact more and more frequently, both personally and in business. Chances are, you have at least one very specific instance in life when you or someone you know would have greater benefitted from utilizing translation services of some sort. Those instances are why we started Lighthouse Translations.

Available Translations Services

At Lighthouse Translations, we’re a full-service translations provider. No matter how large or small your need, we’re sure to have the right solution to your unique situation.

Some of Our Most Common Translation Services Are

  • Business Translations

    Do you have multilingual audience members attending your next business or board of directors meeting? Are you attending a business meeting conducted in a foreign language? If so, at Lighthouse Translations we offer accurate, professional, and culturally appropriate simultaneous and consecutive interpretation/translation services for all of your business meeting interpretation needs. See details

  • Financial Document Translations

    Lighthouse Translations offers professional Financial Translations Services performed by native-speaking linguists familiar with even the most complex financial translations or accounting terms. See details

  • Legal Document Translations

    Our network of global legal linguists works closely with attorneys, paralegals, legal advisors and other legal staff, delivering accurate documents quickly and efficiently. See details

  • Medical Translations

    When it comes to accurate languages translations and interpretations, there are few instances when proper communication is more important than in the medical field. At Lighthouse Translations we’re global leaders in Medical Translation Services, and we’re here to assist you in any capacity you need, whether you’re a medical professional or a patient. See details

  • Scientific Translations

    In the science fields everything comes down to accuracy and precision. The same rules apply to us when we engage with our clients for Scientific Translation Services. See details

  • Technical Document Translations

    Clients that take advantage of our technical translation services are predominantly engineering firms, construction companies, electronic engineers, and manufacturers among others. As technology expands, so do the demands of effectively translating specifications and instructions across multiple languages. See details

  • Website Translations

    Does your business need a website that appeals to and communicates with more than one language and culture? Are you looking to reach out to potential clients in two, three, or more languages? If so, we’re here to help with our Website Translation Services. See details

Why Choose Lighthouse?

We know that timely and accurate translations can mean the difference between large successes and major failures. Our Team gets that point intrinsically. We pride ourselves on the repeat business and referrals that we receive from all of our clients. If you’ve not worked with us in the past, it only takes once, and then you’ll never go anywhere else.

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