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The Princess Passage in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico Translation & Interpretation Services

Puerto Rico: a charming island in the Caribbean filled with tons of people and businesses. If you’ve ever been there, you’ll know that it’s brimming with life. As the financial and industrial centre of the Caribbean, it’s normal for lots of businesses to work internationally.

Lighthouse Translations can help when you’re planning a conference or business meeting in Puerto Rico.

We help you translate Spanish to English when it comes to certified documents and simultaneous interpretations. No project is too large or small for our team.

Why choose Lighthouse Translations?

Lighthouse Translations provides quality document translations, conference interpretation services and helps you handles your multicultural network of clients. We have offices in different regions of Puerto Rico, including the city of San Juan since 2003.

San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico, making it the 46th largest city under the jurisdiction of the United States. It’s Puerto Rico’s most important seaport and the island’s financial, cultural, and tourism centre, so it’s impossible to avoid working with clients from all over in this thriving city.

We help companies translate documents efficiently so your work will not be interrupted. Our team has Puerto Rican Spanish translators and the latest technology to help with your project. Of course, there’s a quick turnaround time for every project too.

We completed over 1,200 projects involving project management and over 2,300 projects which need precise translation and interpretation services. This is why our translators are trained for any situation your business might face.

Our Translation Services in Puerto Rico

We offer many of our services in Puerto Rico, so regardless of what you need to be translated, you can find someone to help.

Interpretation Services in Puerto Rico

Simultaneous Interpretation

When you’re speaking with someone at a conference or meeting, it’s preferable if you don’t need to wait for a translator to finish talking and translating before moving on.

You want your speech to flow naturally, which is why we recommend using a might want to use our simultaneous interpretation service. Translation will happen We translate languages in real time so your clients never feel left out at conferences or meetings.

Conference Interpretation

Conferences always include people from all over a world. It can be difficult to make everyone feel included though when people don’t speak the same language.

Lighthouse Translations provides highly skilled conference interpreters to help with translating from over 20 languages. We’ll also help manage the conference on site too, and even provide a post-event wrap-up.

Translation and Interpretation Equipment Rentals

We offer specialised interpretation equipment to rent for any events across Puerto Rico. You can deliver a smooth, professional service with the latest technology: digital transmitter, receivers, full interpretation systems or soundproof booths. If you’re unsure of what you need, we’re more than happy to help you figure that out too.

Document Translation Puerto Rico

Business Translations

You need a translation service to help you out with specific business tasks. For marketing, human resources, and corporate communication, Lighthouse Translations will keep your business running smoothly. Our translators can help with anything from translating business articles and brochures, to marketing communication.

Legal Document Translation Services

Legal documents are hard to figure out even when they’re in English. The complicated language makes it even more difficult to translate these documents. Our interpreters are trained to understand the nuances of the language and offer precise and efficient legal translations.

Medical Translations

There’s a lot of specific languages involved in medical documents. Even native speakers may not recognize certain words. Our speakers are trained in translating trial reports, consent for surgical procedures, licensing procedures and more.

Website Translations

Lots of businesses are online nowadays. If you want to expand your business into a different market you might need to translate your website to reach a larger audience. Lighthouse website translations
will help you expand your company to a new target market. Let us help with content, format, currency conversion, and even page layout too.