San Antonio Interpretation Services

San Antonio: Lighthouse interpretarion services

The city of San Antonio is one of the most well-known cities in the great state of Texas. The name is Spanish for “Saint Anthony” and it is officially known as the City of San Antonio. It’s the second highly populated city in Texas and the 7th in all of the United States. Still, it continues to grow. What brings so many people to San Antonio to live and to visit?

There is a great mix of city living and culture and history in San Antonio, TX. You will find huge parks and historical areas, as well as cityscapes and important buildings and agriculture. It is the seat of Bexar County and features a western flair and a large metropolitan area.

It’s no surprise then that this is also a central hub for many business meetings and conventions. If you’re planning a conference or business meeting in San Antonio, TX, you will have so many other things on your list to do, don’t stress over interpretation or translation services.

Conference Interpretation Services in San Antonio

If you are planning an event in San Antonio, conference translation services may be needed. In some ways, it is a melting pot of different people from all over the country and even the world and this means you will find a great number of people who speak different languages. Spanish is also a very popular language in San Antonio, as the city traces its origins back to Mexico. Let’s look at some reasons you might need interpretation services.

Event interpretation has two options: consecutive and simultaneous so you can pick the one that is best for your event.
Native speaking interpreters available for nearly every language in the world.
Professional document translations if needed for your conference.
Telephonic interpretation services in case calls arrive during the conference.
Interpretation equipment rental to meet all needs.

If you live in San Antonio or will only be visiting to host your event there, we want to help. This is why we offer such a variety of services to allow us to customize your services to exactly what you need. Every event is different and we know your needs will vary as well.

Simultaneous Interpretation Services

You can see why San Antonio, TX is such a popular venue for business meetings. Here, we also understand how important translation and interpretation services are for your business or event. That’s why when you choose Lighthouse Translations and Interpretations, you will get quality, experienced, and professional interpretation. We can help you in all stages of your process- from planning to the very end- and we want to make the process as smooth and easy for you as possible.

We will help you determine your needs and goals, plan specifically for your conference or event, and create the best communications possible. You can explore our site to learn more about the services we provide or contact us today for a free quote. If you have any questions or concerns, our experienced staff is waiting to assist you.