Trenton Interpreter Services

Trenton - State Capitol Building. Trenton New Jersey USA.

Trenton serves as the capital of New Jersey. That makes it an important hub for communication, tourism, business, and politics, so it is ideal to take advantage of our Trenton Interpreter Services.

The city is famous for both New York and Philadelphia, as it borders two different states. Therefore becoming the only capital city in the U.S. to do so. It is the seat of government for the state of New Jersey, so Trenton automatically becomes a key player. This is where lobbyists meet to push their products and policies forward. If you’re looking into facilitating interpretations, Lighthouse’s escort interpretation has got you and your guests covered.

If you’re looking for a more direct approach or if you’re the one organizing the conference, interpretation equipment rental in Trenton might be what you need, with our specialized technicians, earpieces, and screens ready to make effective communication the least of your concerns when hosting your event.

Why Choose Lighthouse Translations?

Whether it is a business conference or a tour on the Old Barracks, Lighthouse can meet all of your interpretation needs. Fun fact about the Old Barracks, George Washington attacked them after crossing the Delaware River.

But Trenton has a pleasant surprise for the young ones. If you are thinking of going to Sesame Place, then Lighthouse can also provide for you. With our escorts and interpretation equipment, your guests can enjoy any experience regarding the language. They will not miss a single word from the colorful characters of the Sesame Street-themed amusement park.

Get to Know Our Trenton Interpreter Services

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This is just a short list of the services that Lighthouse Translations provides. If you don’t see the specific service or need that you need filled, simply use the form to the right and reach out to us. Odds are that we have exactly what you’re looking for your Trenton Interpreter Services.

We are waiting to hear your plans so we can accommodate your needs as you see fit. Simultaneous translation, business, legal, and medical translations, we’ve got it all in Trenton. You only need to contact us for a FREE price quote. You’ll see that Lighthouse is a leading competitor in the industry of simultaneous translation; not only because of our quality but also due to us being obsessed with our customers.

We’re ready to help you with all of your Trenton Translation and Interpretation Services!