Three Benefits of Simultaneous Translation

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Any company that deals with associates or clients that do not speak their native language should have an interpretation service that they can contact when they need to have translations.  These companies should be checked out before hiring them because they are not created equally.  There are two different types of interpretation services, consecutive and simultaneous translation.  They both offer live translations but they are very different in execution.  Many businesses prefer simultaneous translation services for many reasons.  The following are three reasons why simultaneous translation services are beneficial to any company.

Immediate Translation

With consecutive translation services, the translator listens to what is being said and then translates when the speaker has finished.  Those who are hearing the translation have to wait to know what is being said and this can be frustrating and annoying.  In some cases, if the translator does not have a good memory or if some part of the equipment fails there can be a loss of meaning when the content is fully translated.  With simultaneous translation, the translator begins translating as soon as the speaker starts so the translation is seamless for those who are listening.  Nothing is lost in the translation because the translator is translating at nearly the same time as the original speaker.

Increases the Flow of Communication

Because there are no stops and starts during the translation the flow of communication goes much smoother than if there were many starts and stops.  When the conversation flows smoothly there is less chance of frustration which is a good thing particularly during sensitive conversations.  You don’t want to have your clients getting frustrated when you are trying to pitch a new product or service.  This could end the negotiations and you could lose business very quickly.  It can even be more frustrating when you have more than one non native language speaker who needs translation services.  So having simultaneous translation services makes sense for those who need to have a smooth flow of communication. 

Saves Time and Money

When it comes to translation services you do have to pay by the hour so if you want to save some money then you need your translators to work as quickly as possible.  If you are constantly waiting for the translations to be made then you are just wasting money.  This also saves time because the translations are instantaneous.  Again, it takes more time for consecutive translations to be made and your clients may not have that much time to spare.  You want to get everything done as quickly and efficiently as possible to save both time and money.

When it comes to translation services you have two choices; consecutive and simultaneous translations and they are very different from one another.  While they are both translating conversations, the simultaneous translations are happening as the conversation progresses while the consecutive translation is not.  You can save time and money along with saving you and your clients aggravation by sticking with the simultaneous translation services when offered a choice.

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