Whispering Interpreting: The Informal Language Interpretation

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Whispering interpreting, also called Chuchotage, is classified as the informal consecutive language interpretation service. It’s also the most convenient type because no special equipment is required. In some situations, the interpreter may use portable equipment but if needed, he will have his own.

Like other types of language interpretation services, it’s used in all types of industries but this type is limited to one-on-one meetings or very small groups where other types of services wouldn’t be appropriate. Despite its limitations, it’s still a very popular choice used by all types of people.

Whispering interpreters usually work for individuals that plan to attend a meeting where most everyone else speaks the same language. They also work as escorts for people traveling to foreign countries. Their job is to bridge the gap between languages to ensure the client has a productive business or pleasure trip with as little aggravation and stress as possible. Individuals needing this type of service are responsible for hiring their own interpreters.

How Whispering Interpreting Works

Just as the name suggest, the interpreter sits beside his client or follows him around and quietly whispers everything the speakers say. This way, the person can keep up with and understand what is going on throughout the meeting, so he can respond appropriately and contribute to the conversation when needed. When the client needs to address the speakers, the interpreter will interpret what he says to the other delegates or whoever is on the receiving end of the conversation.

This type of service can be a little disruptive to anyone sitting or standing near the interpreter because they can hear the whispering. Therefore, those using this service usually try to sit or stand in the least congested areas. The interpreter tries to do his job efficiently without disturbing any of the other visitors or disrupting the meeting in any way but it takes discipline and training to be a good whispering interpreter.

Qualities of a Professional Whispering Interpreter

Whispering interpreters have a big responsibility to their clients. People depend on them to have the ability to keep up and translate all information correctly. The interpreter has to listen to the speaker carefully and translate not just the words but the meaning behind the words in order to ensure the client does not miss anything important.

It can be a very stressful and demanding job so the interpreter must have lots of patience along with a calm and pleasant personality. He is the one that will actually be speaking to and socializing with the other people. His actions will be a direct reflection on the person he’s representing and the impression he makes will be the impression people have of the individual or company that hired him.

He must be focused and have the ability to block outside noises so he can concentrate on the speaker and keep up with the conversations. The client must also stay focused and listen carefully to what the interpreter is saying because things usually move too quickly to repeat information.

When in need of whispering interpreting services, look for an interpreter with the qualities mentioned above and who has experience working in this type of environment and everything should go smoothly.

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