4 Things to do on Take Your Son or Daughter to Work Day

4 Things to do on Take Your Son or Daughter to Work Day

In Blog by Rafael Morel

The fourth Thursday in April is always a special day in offices across the country, as it’s been designated as “Take Your Son or Daughter to Work Day.” Yes, productivity may slip some, but it’s an important day in the lives of children, who should know where their parents go all day and what they do for a living. Here at Lighthouse, we encourage our employees to bring their kids to work on this day, as we enjoy the chance to teach them about the beauty in languages. Different offices may have different things planned for this day, but here are four activities you may want to include with your son or daughter when taking them to work.

Give Them A Tour

Don’t just show your son or daughter your own office or workspace, but give them a tour of the entire company. Show them the meeting room, the break room, the exercise room, and every other place in your building. It will be eye opening for your son or daughter to see all the parts that come together to make up a working office, and you may even be surprised at what part of the tour your child finds most interesting.

Introduce Them To Your Co-Workers

This can be the first of many learning experiences for your kid on this day. Teach them the proper way to introduce him or herself to someone by shaking their hand, looking them in the eye, and being polite. This will be the first step in teaching your kid to act like a professional, which should pay dividends for them down the line. Introducing your son or daughter to the rest of the office can also be a good way to connect with your co-workers.

Include Them in Your Work

Don’t let your kids spend the day sitting in the corner watching your work; instead, try to include them in the process. Obviously, you don’t want to sacrifice the quality of your work, but it shouldn’t be too hard to give them a few small tasks to accomplish. Just pretend that you have an assistant for the day. Kids want to feel like they’re being helpful, and giving them a way to contribute to the work day will ensure they have a good time accompanying you to work.

Teach Them A New Skill

Your kid is missing a day of school to join you at the office, so make sure they go home learning something useful. At Lighthouse, our employees might teach their kids about the importance of language and perhaps teach them a few cool phrases in a couple different foreign languages. Surely, there’s a skill you use at work every day that you’ll be able to teach your son or daughter that they can take back to school with them.