Choosing the Right Vendor Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

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It is never easy to find the vendors that can offer you top of the line equipment that is cost effective and that does what it is supposed to do.  The same can be said for those who sell simultaneous interpretation equipment.  Simultaneous interpretation allows for the translation of the speech of one language into the speech of another language simultaneously.  This needs to happen in real time so the flow of the conversation is not interrupted.  It is important to find the best vendor who can offer the type of equipment that you need for your interpretation needs.  Below are some ways that you can choose the right vendor for your simultaneous interpretation equipment.

Equipment that is Provided

There are pieces of equipment are vital for simultaneous interpretation with the booths and the consoles being the top two.  The booth allows you to have insulation for the interpreters which means a quieter atmosphere when interpreting.  The booth receives the audio that is to be interpreted and then sends out via speakers to the area where the interpretation is needed.  The console is the equipment that is actually used for the interpretation.  If you have two interpreters they can share a console but each would need their own headphones and microphones.  You should find a company that can provide both pieces of the interpretation equipment needed.

Types of Vendors That Supply Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

There are many different types of vendors that supply simultaneous interpretation equipment and they are not all made the same and offer different services from the others.  You can get this equipment from conference providers, audio visual companies and finally language service providers.  It is best to choose the language service providers because they not only rent or sell you the equipment, but they also provide the interpreters to do the translations.  The other companies only provide for the equipment so you would have to use a language service provider anyway so why not kill two birds with one stone?

How to Choose an Language Service Provider

You always want to ask for references from any company that you are conducting business with in order to ascertain if they are legitimate.  It is also important to know how quickly they can be at your location in case you have a need for an interpreter at short notice.  Finally, you need to know if they are bringing their own equipment or if you have to get it from a third party.  A solid language service provider will have equipment that can be brought to the event with them so you do not have to use a third party.

It can be a game of trial and error attempting to find the right vendor for your simultaneous interpretation equipment rental.  If you start with a language service provider that offers the interpreters and the equipment then you have saved yourself a great time of time and trouble.  Just make sure you always check references to determine if the company’s services are top of the line.


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