Conference Interpretation Services are Vital for Any Company

Conference Interpretation Services are Vital for Any Company

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Anytime you have a conference it can be more than that as it can take on the theme of a world class event.  When you have attendees who do not speak the native language of the event it is vital that you offer conference interpretation services so they can take part in the event with no hassle.  For this reason you need to have the best interpretation company on hand in order to alleviate any issues that could arise.  A company that offers both local and international interpretation services is always the best as they have interpreters at the ready in nearly every country of the world.  Below are some of types of interpretation services that are available.
Simultaneous Interpretation

What simultaneous interpretation basically means is that the interpretation is happening at the same time as the presenter is speaking.  When it comes to conferences, this is always the best bet as there is no lag in the time that it takes for the interpretation to happen.  Those who need translation are given a headset to listen to the interpreter through.  In the past there would be wires everywhere for the translation to take place but with today’s wireless technologies it is much easier now.  When more than one interpretation is needed, those who have the headsets can switch between channels to get the language that they need.  An interpreter only typically works for short periods of time, normally twenty minutes, so that they don’t get tired and make mistakes.

Consecutive Interpretation

With this method, the presenter speaks for a short period of time and then the interpretation is given.  The time frame is normally no more than a minute or two so the interpreter has time to remember and translate what was said.  This form of interpretation is not really good for large conferences because it is so time consuming.  For small meetings however, the lag time is not as problematic so it does not present the same challenges.  In some cases there will be the same equipment used however this is not always the case.  If there are only one or two languages being interpreted the interpreter may simply stay in the same room as the attendees and give a live interpretation.

Equipment Used

When simultaneous interpretation is used there is a booth that the interpreters are ensconced in to keep the noise down for them.  There is a microphone and other equipment that allows the interpreter to convey the interpretation to the attendees who need it.  They hear the presenter and immediately begin their interpretation that is sent in a wireless signal to the attendees who are wearing the earpiece or headphones.

Every company needs to have the ability to offer interpretation services to the attendees of any conference or meeting.  If you plan on having any type of business meeting where non native language speakers will be attending then you have to have conference interpretation services on hand.  Find a company that offers a wide variety of choices so that you are covered for meetings, conferences and any other place you may need interpretation.

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