Document Translation Services Are In High Demand

Document Translation Services Are In High Demand

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Modern technology has paved the way for globalization, and while this is great for businesses, it does create communication problems. All types of companies, large and small, can do business on a global scale provided they have the means to communicate with their target audience. When doing business with different countries, you’ll need a translator to help negotiate deals but you’ll also need a document translation service to ensure all of your written contracts, invoices, legal texts, and similar documents are translated correctly.

You may be wondering if reaching out to a professional translation agency is actually worth it. After all, the cost can be high, and you may be pressed for time. However, we’ll explain why document translation services are still in high demand, even though you can try using free translation software such as Google Translate. If you want to find out why a professional translator’s job is relevant in this business area, keep on reading!

What a document translator does

A huge part of the business world consists of written documents that explain the terms and obligations of the transaction. If a sentence is mistranslated or a word is used inappropriately, it has the potential to create serious problems for your company. You may be under the impression that the agreement says one thing and covers all the details of your meetings and negotiations, but one word used incorrectly could mean something entirely different.

Business contracts and similar documents are too important to take a chance, which makes this type of translation service a vital part of doing business in this technical age. When you’re ordering supplies or negotiating any type of business deal, your paperwork is the proof of the outcome of your negotiations, so they must be accurate.

It’s for this reason that you need a real translator to handle the job instead of taking your chances with one of the various software programs used for translating written documents. The information found in business contacts and similar documents plays an important role in the success of your company. This information is far too important for you to put your trust in translation software, and here’s why.

Human translation vs translation software

You may be wondering, why translate documents with the help of a professional translator if there are numerous online tools you can use for free? You’re probably no stranger to Google Translate or similar digital translating software. These solutions are fast and far less expensive than professional translation services.

Translation software will translate the words for you but when you’re conducting business, that’s not enough. Did you know that certain words could have very different meanings in different languages? This can cause all types of problems if you mean one thing and it’s mistaken for something else.

For this reason, you need something that will do more than just translate the words. You need a translator who has studied and has extensive knowledge of both languages involved. They need to understand the meaning behind the words and phrases used, so they can do an accurate translation that conveys the right message.

You need to know that almost every translation company uses some sort of translation software. However, these professionals use a wide variety of CAT tools, which stand for “Computer-Assisted Translation.” This means that they’re not relying on machine translation but rather use technological advancements to facilitate their translation service and speed up their delivery time.

They help you avoid costly misunderstandings

Document translation services, including certified translations, help companies break the language barrier so you can do business globally by providing you and the other party with a clear and accurate translation of all documents involved in the business transaction.

The terms and conditions associated with contracts must be translated exactly as you have them written regardless of who you’re doing business with. Both parties must agree before signing contracts and that can’t happen unless the information is translated in such a way that it has the same exact meaning. You can’t afford to send the wrong message, so it’s vital that you do everything you can to avoid costly misunderstandings. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting into legal trouble, and the price for setting the record straight will be much higher than your initial cost of using the services of a translation company.

When your company does business with other companies, suppliers, and clients in different countries, you need a qualified and trustworthy document translation service to ensure all your foreign contracts, invoices, and other business documents are translated correctly. Hiring professional translators from a reputable translation agency can help you with that. Not only can you be sure that your documents will be accurate, but also that you’ll receive them in a timely manner.

Document translations can be tricky

You know that document translation can involve complicated vocabulary that may be too difficult to handle for automated translation software. Still, linguistic nuances are not the only aspects of document translation that make the process quite difficult for an amateur bilingual. What else goes into business-related translations and other texts that require professional assistance? Let’s take a closer look at the ins and outs of the translation industry:

Subject and Specialization

When it comes to content and types of texts, the sky’s the limit. There are many subjects and industry niches, but there are even more translators with a certain area of expertise. It’s important for two reasons. First, these translators know best the ins and outs of the industry they’re dealing with, including vocabulary, structures, register, and so on. Second, they’re constantly learning through work. With every translated text, they gain knowledge and experience, which will help them provide you with accurate translations regarding your niche.

Certified Translation Services

Some organizations require people to look for certified translation services due to a high level of formality and legality of translated documents. Opening up a new business abroad is one instance; other situations include immigration issues and various legal problems. If you reach out to a translation company emphasizing that you’re in need of certified translation services, you can be sure that a person tasked with translating documents for you will have the right qualifications and skills to fulfill your needs.

Text Formats

Regardless of the type of translation project you have at hand, you need to ensure that the layout, formatting, and other technical details in your translated document are the same as in your original document. Professional translators often have to work with different text formats and file types, such as PDF, JPG, PNG, DOC, XLS, PPT, and so on. As such, you can rest assured that the end product won’t be different from the original (except for the language version, of course).


Sometimes you’re pressed for time. Still, you shouldn’t opt for quick solutions without ensuring the quality of your translated documents. If you reach out to a translation company and ask for certified translation services, you can be more than certain that someone will get back to you in a timely manner. These companies usually have a specific rate per page, and document delivery typically starts at 24 hours. The price will be reasonable, but you also need to remember that the cost will be higher if your deadline is really tight.

Quality and Qualifications

Ultimately, it all boils down to the quality and type of documents translated for the purpose of your business operations. It’s safe to assume that you want nothing short of high-quality, accurate translations. If you’re bilingual yourself, you can try translating documents on your own, be it via Google or by relying on your language skills. However, a professional translator is bound to have the right qualifications and tools to deal with document translation.

What’s more, there might be a situation when you’ll be in need of certified translation services (for immigration papers, your marriage license or birth certificate, medical records, and so on). In this case, you must hire a professional, be it a freelancer or someone working for a translation company. Certified translation services are mostly required for dealing with legal issues, for example in the case of immigration.

Languages and Language Pairs

Despite the fact that English is considered to be a global language, you can’t expect everyone to speak it perfectly. As such, you’ll have to provide your target audience with accurate translations in their native language. Even though some languages are more uncommon than others, you need to make sure that your business content is translated as faithfully as possible. Once again, your best bet is to reach out to an agency and ask for a translation service regarding your chosen language pair. Keep in mind that the rarer the pair, the higher the price.

Final thoughts

Even though document translations sound like a standard procedure, the whole process consists of more factors than an amateur might expect. Language accuracy, subject and complex vocabulary, target audience, speed and delivery, and even file formats are what makes it tricky. You may be tempted to use Google Translate or other free translation software to speed things up and reduce the costs. However, depending on the type and intended purpose of your documents, relying on online software or machine translation services is a no-go.

Despite all of the technological advancements, professional document translations are still in high demand. Many companies and individual people use them in the case of legal documents, such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, immigration papers, business contracts, invoices, medical records, and many more. Ultimately, if you want to receive a high-quality end product, you can’t go wrong by hiring an expert for every translation project you might have. A professional translator will have the right qualifications, certifications, tools, and experience enabling them to handle any translation challenge with ease.

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