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Advantages of Hiring a Business Conference Interpreter

In Blog by Rafael Morel

The increasingly global nature of the business world means that more companies are doing business abroad, and more business meetings and conferences will involve a need for interpretation. Especially in the case of a business conference, speakers of more than two languages may be present.

For formal presentations, simultaneous interpretation will provide the most professional and unobtrusive service for all guests. A professional business conference interpreter will provide a number of services, in addition to the actual interpreting of presentations:

  • Site Inspection – before the conference, a visit to the location can ensure all the technical support requirements are met
  • Examining the layout of the room to establish the best place to set up the interpreter’s booth
  • Running a thorough check of sound equipment
  • Verifying that the power supply meets the requirements of the interpretation equipment
  • Collection of agendas, event schedules, presenter biographies, and other documents that will help interpreters do their job more efficiently
  • Creation of a Workflow – working out the logistics of the conference interpretation services
  • Ensures interpreters will be prepared to meet the needs of all guests
  • Relying on a team of professional conference interpreters allows you to focus on the other demands of running the event smoothly
  • On-Site Management – overseeing a professional interpretation service and responding to last-minute needs
  • A professional conference interpretation service will see to the set-up of equipment, so you don’t have to
  • Professional interpreters can adapt to unexpected changes to the schedule, the late addition of another target language, and even last-minute presentations and ad hoc meetings
  • Post-Event Follow-Up – a quality interpreting at conferences will take care of clean up and provide a professional debriefing
  • You can focus on your own concerns while the interpretation team takes care of post-event clean-up
  • Debriefing with your business conference interpreter allows you to pinpoint what worked best for you, and to discuss anything you might like to do differently next time

Cultivating a relationship with a professional conference interpreter can be a real lifesaver. You never know when a client will need interpretation services or equipment. In today’s increasingly global business environment, professional interpretation services are in much greater demand than ever before.

Having a business interpreter you can call upon for conference interpretation means fewer headaches for you, and knowing that you have an ongoing relationship with a translation and interpretation service will impress new or potential clients.

In today’s business world, being able to provide professional conference interpretation is just as important as being able to arrange for an appropriate location or a professional catering service. This truly is an area of focus that deserves your attention. Why not contact a conference interpreter  today, and schedule a consultation to discuss your interpretation needs!

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