Hiring A Veteran Makes Your Company More Productive

Hiring A Veteran Makes Your Company More Productive

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Each year on November 11 we take a day to honor our country’s veterans. On this day we recognize that it’s important to acknowledge the sacrifice veterans have made for our country.

The sacrifices these individuals have made are countless, and more appreciation is deserved than just one day out of the year. One of the most important things we can do to help our veterans is to look to them when we need to increase our workforce.

Giving serious consideration to a veteran for a job vacancy at your company is not only a good way to honor and support veterans, but it can also be beneficial for your company. Here are a few reasons why adding a veteran to your staff can help increase productivity at your company.

Veterans help improve productivity

A major reason a veteran may be able to help productivity is because veterans are usually self-motivated and efficient individuals. A recent veteran fresh off of service duty should be motivated to find success in civilian life and therefore will be eager to make a good impression at their new company. Thus, you won’t have to worry about hiring an employee who will slack off on the job or take the job for granted. Men and women with a military background have also been trained to complete tasks as efficiency as possible. They are disciplined in how they use their time so as not to waste company time. They will also ask for help if they need it so that jobs don’t have to be repeated and take up more time than they should.

Veterans consistently demonstrate a strong work ethic

Another reason that a veteran can help a company’s productivity is because the company knows it will be hiring someone with a strong work ethic. Job candidates may say that they have a strong work ethic in an interview, but you won’t know for sure until they’re actually on the job and you see it for yourself. Meanwhile, someone with experience in the military will have a strong work ethic ingrained into them. A veteran will know the importance of staying on schedule, completing tasks on time, and bringing a consistent effort and performance to the job day after day, ensuring that productivity remains high. Seeing a new employee demonstrate a strong work ethic may also rub off on some of your other employees who may be motivated to work harder, increasing productivity even more.

Veterans make great leaders

One final reason why veterans make good hires is because of the leadership skills they bring to the table. Even veterans who were low-ranking officials in the military will have an understanding of how to lead because they were around strong leaders during their service. After spending time in the military, veterans will have strong communications skills, which is an essential trait for leaders to have and can go a long way towards improving productivity. Veterans also understand how to manage different behaviors and work with the people around them, which can help keep projects on schedule and productivity high. Even if a veteran is hired for a non-leadership position, those skills can be helpful in the workplace.

The bottom line is this… many veterans have developed skills during their time in the military that can be difficult to find in the general population. Hiring a veteran when you have a job vacancy is not only a nice show of support for the nation’s veterans, but it can also increase productivity and prove to be quite beneficial for your company.

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