Tips for Choosing Conference Interpretation Companies and Equipment

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You have a huge conference coming up and have planned everything you need like seating, arranging for transportation for out of town visitors.  The entertainment is lined up and you have your keynote speaker all ready to go and everything else is set in stone.  Now, what else are you forgetting that could be vital to your conference?  Have you considered your need for conference interpretation and the equipment rental that may be needed?  You may have hearing impaired persons at the conference or even those who do not speak the native language.  It is important to be able to offer these people interpretation services when needed.  The following are some tips for choosing conference interpretation companies and equipment.
The Different Types of Interpretation Services

Before you hire a company, you need to know exactly what type of interpretation services you need.  Do you need a sign language translator or full interpretation?  For interpretation, you’ll also need the proper equipment like a sound booth, headsets and wireless transmitting equipment.  Every company offers different services so make sure that the company you hire has the services you are looking for.  You don’t want the day of the event to come around just to find out that they only offer one part of the entire package you need.  There are many great companies out there that offer every type of interpreting services available, you just need to let them know what you need and what day you need it on.

Equipment Used

There are some great new technologies when it comes to simultaneous interpretation, this means that the interpreter translates as the keynote speaker does.  This is the quickest form of interpreting at conferences and the one that most use for non native speaking attendees.  They go into a sound proof booth in order to be isolated and not distracted.  The booth will have to be supplied along with the other equipment needed.  This includes but is not limited to, wireless headsets or Bluetooth headsets and a PA system that will transmit the translated verbiage to the listeners.  These items also have to be ordered when you are setting up everything from the big conference.

Other Ways Interpretation Equipment Can Be Used

There are many other venues where you may need interpretation services or equipment.  While conferences are a common way to use these, there are other ways this equipment can be used too.  Some of the most common are as follows:

  • Conventions or Trade Shows
  • Press Releases
  • Religious Meetings or Services
  • Orientations
  • Market Research or Focus Groups
  • Demonstrations or Instructional Platforms
  • Training Sessions

As you can see, there are a great many ways that you can use both interpretation services and interpretation equipment.  Anytime that you will be dealing with people who do not speak your native language then you will need this.  It can be wise to set up an account with a reputable interpretation company in order to have them on hand when and if you ever are in need of these services.

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