Interpretation Services Top 10 Important Needs for Meeting Planners when Choosing Interpretation Services

Interpretation Services : Top 10 Important Needs for Meeting Planners when Choosing Interpretation Services

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Interpretation Services

As a meeting planner, one of your responsibilities will be to choose interpretation services (translation services) for your company meetings. After all, no international meeting will be successful without proper communications. The best way to ensure that all communications are handled properly will be to choose the right translation services for each event. Here are the top ten important things to consider when looking for an interpretation service.

Interpretation Services
  1. All systems and equipment should be supplied to you for proper simultaneous interpretations. This should include everything from microphones to wireless receivers in order to ensure that interpretations go smoothly.
  2. The equipment should be handled and managed by experienced technicians. It should not fall on your shoulders to try to work equipment that you have never used before.
  3. There should be enough microphones and headsets provided for everyone in attendance that will have the equipment needed. Preferably, there will be backups available as well, in case something malfunctions.
  4. There should be available an interpreters’ booth set up and equipped for each and every language that will need to be translated during your meeting or conference.
  5. The booths should also be set up in the proper position. You should have help in setting up the booths in the right way so that the interpreters will have visual access to everything they need to see.
  6. The interpreter booths should be compliant in all ways with ISO standards.
  7. The interpreter booths should have all of the proper equipment, including headphones, a microphone, a control panel, and any other needed tools.
  8. The booths should have enough lighting; a reading lamp for each of the interpreters would be the best method.
  9. There should be an onsite manager to serve as the main point of contact between you and the interpretation services team. Especially in larger events or multi-room meetings.
  10. The company should coordinate with you to receive as much material (handouts and PowerPoint) from the speakers as possible so that the interpreters can prepare themselves adequately prior to the meeting.

It is your job as meeting planner to ensure that all interpretations are properly managed. This means you need to choose the right interpretation services company. When you are looking for that company, use this helpful checklist. You should only choose an interpretation company that can provide these types of services and tools in order to guarantee proper communication during your event. interpretation services.

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