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Choosing the Best Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

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When businesses have a need for simultaneous interpretation they can call in interpreters to make the process much easier.  There is a need however, for the right equipment to make the job easier for the interpreters.  This type of interpretation involves a speaker who continually speaks their native tongue while the meaning is interpreted to those who do not speak the same language.  This allows for a good flow of communication so it is very important to have the proper equipment.  The following are some things to keep in mind when choosing the best simultaneous interpretation equipment.
Who is the Target Audience?

First you need to know who the target audience is.  This will enable you to choose the right output.  For instance, a target audience of five hundred people would not need as large of a system as a target audience of five thousand people.  If you are planning on using your equipment for different amounts of people, then it is always best to buy bigger.  It is much easier to volume down that it is to max out equipment that is not strong enough to handle a larger arena.

The Type of Venue

As with the audience, the type of venue is also a vital factor when choosing the right equipment.  You want to make sure that it is able to be heard from far distances if you are planning on a large event.  The recipients of the interpretation need to hear what is being said.  If the equipment isn’t strong enough then the signal may not reach them.

Equipment Quality

It is always best to choose the best quality equipment because you don’t want it to be obsolete right after you purchase it.  The better the equipment the better the sound quality will be for the recipients of the interpretation.  They should never have feedback or get fuzzy or distorted sounds during the interpretation.

How Much Does the Equipment Cost?

Most companies have a ceiling for how much they can afford to spend on this type of equipment.  While you don’t want to scrimp on the quality, that doesn’t mean you should by the most expensive simultaneous interpretation equipment.  There is a great deal of top of the line equipment that is very cost effective for just about any business’ budget.

Ask for a Demonstration

Before you agree to purchase any equipment, ask the seller to offer you a demonstration so you can see it in use.  This doesn’t take long and you can either have an in house demonstration to show how the equipment works in your space or you can go to the sales room.  Both methods are acceptable.  What you really want to see is how well the products work, if they are distorted or have issues and if the system is worth the cost.

It is very important to do your research when you are planning on purchasing simultaneous interpretation equipment.  This is the only way you can be assured that you have the right size for the job, you’re paying fair market value for the equipment and that it can reach your target audience.

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