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Conducting meetings online has become a standard for any international business. Using video conferencing platforms like Zoom to conduct virtual meetings is a much more convenient and cost-efficient way to talk business. Zoom meetings have also become the most efficient way to hold team meetings within a company, especially when a significant part of the workforce works remotely.

However, while a Zoom meeting is a fantastic opportunity when it comes to doing business, the problem may arise when not all parties speak the same language. And while the ongoing globalization slowly erases language barriers, you’ll still need to keep them in mind when running international meetings.

For physical panels, companies often hire translators who provide live translation services. The question may arise whether it’s possible to offer such services via video calls. The answer is yes. If you require Zoom language interpretation, Lighthouse Translations has got you covered. Take advantage of our Zoom interpretation service, and don’t let any misunderstandings ruin your business efforts.

How Does Zoom Interpretation Work?

Zoom is one of the most widely used platforms for video meetings, and this includes international meetings. With its growing use across the multinational audience, Zoom activated the interpretation feature called Zoom Interpretation. In short, it allows the host of the meeting to designate an interpreter who then provides translation services via a dedicated audio channel.

The interpreter is logged as a standard video call participant. The only difference is that they get a dedicated audio channel to speak into. Then, attendees who require language translation can then tune into that channel while keeping the main channel at a lower level.

Using the Zoom Interpretation feature is incredibly straightforward. The only requirement is that you have either a business, education, or enterprise Zoom account and a compatible Zoom desktop or app version. You’ll also have to be the host of the meeting, as only they can add and manage video language interpreters during Zoom meetings.

How to add language interpreters to the Zoom meeting?

To add a video interpreter to your Zoom call, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Sign in to your Zoom account.
  2. Click on ‘Schedule a Meeting.’
  3. Select the ‘Generate Automatically’ setting next to the Meeting ID.
  4. Select the ‘Enable language interpretation’ box you see next to the Interpretation.
  5. Enter the information for one or more interpreters to create dedicated audio channels.
  6. Click on ‘Save’ when done.

How to enable language interpreting in the Zoom video call?

To enable language video interpreting during your meeting, you’ll need to:

  1. Sign in to your Zoom account.
  2. Start or join a meeting.
  3. Click on ‘Interpretation’ once the meeting has started to add or remove interpreters from the call.
  4. Click ‘Start’ to begin interpretation. The interpreters will receive a notification regarding the language they’ve been assigned.
  5. When ready, interpreters and meeting attendees can click ‘Interpretation’ and select the dedicated language audio channel they want to listen to. They can also keep the main audio channel on at a lower volume and listen to the original speaker simultaneously.
  6. To finish the interpreting session, you (as the host) need to click on ‘Interpretation’ in the meeting controls and select ‘End’ to stop all sessions.

What to Look for from Video Interpreters?

Hiring the right interpreter is vital. A professional and reliable translator makes a massive difference in getting your message to your clients, business partners, or team. One tiny mistake in translation can have severe consequences, which is why you must do your research and hire a translator you can trust.

When it comes to that, you should ensure your interpreter has the following traits:

In-Depth Language Interpretation Knowledge

First and foremost, a person you hire needs to know all the ins and outs of the knowledge they’ll be required to work with. However, it’s not just about breaking language barriers with fluent speech. Interpreters also need to have comprehensive knowledge of the country’s culture. They need to be able to understand any cultural references, language nuances, body language signs, etc.

Effective Communication Skills

As a professional communicator, an interpreter should be engaging and pleasant to listen to. After all, you want your audience to focus on what they have to say as they’re speaking in your name. Agreeable voice, good articulation, rhythm, and enunciation are all treats a language interpreter should possess. This is especially true when it comes to video calls, where it’s more challenging to engage your audience with body language.

Respect and Adherence to Industry Ethics

Whether we’re talking about Zoom interpretation or live conference translation, an interpreter should work in a respectful and pleasant manner. On top of that, interpreters need to guarantee absolute confidentiality. An interpreter should be a person you can trust, not only in terms of professional work but mentioned confidentiality as well. Also, depending on the industry, an interpreter may be required to provide information regarding their training or certification.

Why Do You Need to Hire a Language Interpretation Professional?

You might be wondering whether it’s worth spending money on a professional language interpreter when holding Zoom meetings. The short answer is yes. If you run an international operation, you need to ensure you get your message to your foreign clients, business partners, and team members.

If something gets lost in translation, you risk severe consequences. The best-case scenario is a tiny misunderstanding within the company. The worst is offending your business partners, which can damage your brand reputation. Why take any risks? Take advantage of professional language interpretation services and make sure you always communicate your messages appropriately and avoid any embarrassments.

Why Choose Lighthouse for Your Video Interpreting Needs?

When looking for top-quality and reliable video interpreting services, Lighthouse Translation has got you covered. We understand better than anyone how important accurate language interpretation is, which is why we only hire the best interpreters and translators in the field. All our translators need to go through a scrutinized skill assessment process, during which we ensure they possess the knowledge required to provide language interpretation services.

This is why you can trust us with your Zoom interpretation needs. Our translators provide specialized knowledge in numerous industries, including business and finance, engineering, technology, medical, legal, and more. We provide various video interpreting services, such as virtual press conferences, Zoom board meetings, online sales meetings, Zoom interviews, and many more!

With a team of over 200 native-speaking professionals, you are bound to find the best interpreter for your video conferencing needs. Contact us today to get a free price quote or download our free eBook to learn more about our language interpretation services.