4 Great Ways to get the kids ready to go… Back to School!!

In Blog by Rafael Morel

Being a working parent is, in no way, easy. We juggle work and home, our schedules as well as our children’s schedules. Summer can be a great break from the routine. But it seems like the closer we get to going back to school from summer break, the more stress we take on. The working parents at Lighthouse Translations know how hard it can be to make that transition, so we got together and came up with some ideas to help make the transition from summer to school days a little easier on everyone. We chose the top 4 to share here!

Talk to them!!!

Discuss the changes that are coming up with the start of the school year. Help them understand that change is a natural part of life and it is a good thing. You may not believe it, but kids do get nervous about this stuff! The truth is that change brings loss, but we can also gain from change. Speak openly with your children about what might be worrying them. Ask them what they think they’ll lose now that summer is almost over, but also ask them what they think they’ll gain with the start of the new school year. Don’t forget to include yourself in this conversation! Let your children see that they aren’t the only ones who will lose and gain with the change from summer to the school year.

Spend Time with Them

As the days of summer dwindle, and the school year looms large on the horizon, take time out to spend with your little ones. The school year is full of running from one point to another trying to keep up with everyone’s schedules. So, whether it be, one on one time, reading a book or a family game night with everyone gathered around a table, make time for them. This time can be a great benefit to both parent and child. It also creates lasting memories for the rest of their lives. Isn’t that what life is all about?

Set up a Game Plan…TOGETHER!

Talk about what everyone expects from the coming school year. Go over failures and triumphs from the past school year and come up with a plan to either continue with the good work or come up with ideas that will help prevent future failures.

Decide on a quiet area for homework. Have the children help stock the area with supplies for projects and homework assignments. Make sure the area is well lit, free of distraction but also near enough so they can call for homework help.

Discuss goals for the school year, especially if you have a little one starting a new school. Help them come up with ideas like:

  • Sitting with 3 new people at lunch
  • Joining a club/asking to create a new club
  • Asking to join a game at lunch time

Go over Ground Rules

Last but not least: The ground rules set the tone for the coming school year. They set up boundaries that are important for children to understand. Make sure to cover all the tricky topics like bedtime, TV allowance and video game time. Don’t forget to compromise!! Giving your child the opportunity to help set their own ground rules can help them learn that the rules are there for a reason. Once the rules have been hashed out, go over them together to make sure everyone knows what to expect and what’s expected of them once the school year starts. A great idea for little ones would be to post the rules somewhere visible so everyone can refer to them if needed.

We, the working parents at Lighthouse Translations, know that the struggle to balance home and work is never easy. We hope that with these 4 tips, we’ve helped make the transition from summer break to school time just a little less stressful. Just like how we help make conferences and document translations less stressful by handling the language needs of each client professionally and efficiently.

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